13 Galentine's Day Gifts To Show Your Friends Some Love

Valentine's Day has a slew of alternate names for the single crowd, like the ever-gloomy "Singles Awareness Day" (SAD) and the much more positive and inspiring "Galentine's Day." It's the second one we want to focus on, because who wouldn't want to spend a day showing their BFFs some love?

So we've rounded up some of the best things you can get to show your friends how much you really care, from quirky cards and sweet treats to healing crystals. Just remember that even though we're calling it "Galentine's Day," these gifts are for friends of all genders.

Read on to find the perfect gifts for your squad.

For your friend who's a little stressed out.

There's nothing like a long soak in a tub full of hot, fragrant water to ease those stress headaches and muscle strains. Help your friend take care of themself with one of these cute Conversation Heart bath bombs from Pearl. Bonus: Each bomb has a surprise ring inside, so this is like two gifts in one.
Pearl Bath Bombs Giant "Ur The Bomb" Heart Ring Bath Bomb, $19.98 Buy
For your friend who bawled at Call Me By Your Name.

You went to see the movie together. You cried together. And you've been calling each other by your own names ever since. Carry that love into your gift this year and, in a subtle nod to the movie, give your friend a necklace engraved with your initial and buy one engraved with their initial for yourself.
GeoMinimalist Galentines Day Necklaces Set, $20.50 $16.39, Buy
For your friend who still watches Grey's Anatomy.

If you've seen the show, you know how special it is to call someone your person. Buy your BFF this candle to remind them that you'll always be the Christina to their Meredith.
ModParty You Are My Person Candle , $12.00 $9.60, Buy
For your friend who's always talking about the patriarchy.

Feminism never rests, but it needs coffee sometimes. Get this mug to remind your pal to slow down and stay caffeinated on their way to crushing the patriarchy.
samzawrites First Coffee. Then, the Patriarchy Coffee Mug, $15.99 Buy
For your friend who loves inspirational quotes.

"They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds," is a powerful quote about resistance and strength. It also makes a gorgeous pattern for a throw pillow that every person who's been through some shit can appreciate.
samzawrites They tried to bury us; they didn't know we were seeds. Throw Pillow by samzawrites, $29.99 Buy
For your rebellious friend.

Give the "bad girl" (or boy or gender non-conforming person) in your life a little inspiration with a book full of the stories of badass women who stepped out of line and changed the world.
Chronicle Books Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World By Ann Shen, $19.95 Buy
For your friend who's always ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Sometimes a simple card is enough to let your friend know that you always have their back — even if it means letting their zombie self eat your brain.
CheekyKumquat Love Card - Card for Friend - Zombie., $4.50 Buy
For your friend who lives in a marijuana state.

Celebrate your friendship with a sweet treat that has a little something extra. While just about anyone can get chocolate on Valentine's Day (and hit up the discount candy the day after), you can surprise your pal with 1906's High Love chocolate. Each piece has enough THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) to create a nice buzz.
For your witchy friend.

Show your buddy that you care about their well-being with one of these gorgeous fluorite pyramids. Besides coming in beautiful colors, fluorite is believe to be a calming stone with soothing properties that supposedly even help you sleep better.
Chaparral Studio Fluorite Pyramid - Vanquish Bad Vibes, $24.00 Buy
For your friend who has a sweet tooth.

Sure, you could go out for a glass of wine with your friend. But why not just chow down on Sugarfina's popular champagne gummy bears? It's like being a kid again, except with rosé.
For your friend who still wears their pussy hat.

This ring is perfect for any friend who's been fighting for the rights of women and gender non-conforming folk. Because nothing says "power to the pussy" like wearing an understated vulva on your finger.
Katie McMullin Gyna Ring, $60.00 Buy
For your gay friend.

Your out and proud friend is almost guaranteed to love this welcome mat. Because no one can resist a good pun.
Otherwild Homo Sweet Homo doormat, $68.00 Buy
For the whole gang.

Why sit in front of the TV with a pint of ice cream when you could be eating through five pints of ice cream with your squad? If that sounds like your perfect Galentine's Day, then head over to Jeni's and order the Valentine's Day collection. It comes with five flavors: Brambleberry Crisp (vanilla ice cream with oat streusel and jam), Gooey Butter Cake, Darkest Chocolate, Roxbury Road (milk chocolate ice cream with smoke almonds, marshmallows, and caramel sauce), and Cookies In Cream.

On second thought, feel free to keep this one all to yourself.
Jeni's Ice Cream Valentine's Day Collection, $55.00 Buy
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