13 Healing Crystals For The Total Beginner

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Although you may associate them with a grade-school science experience (or, less flatteringly, with Spencer Pratt), crystals are actually having a rather fashionable moment. Nowadays, you’re just as likely to see them on a statement necklace as in your nearest New Age shop. That said, many people still believe certain crystals have healing properties — and you don’t need to go replacing all your doors with beaded curtains to feel those effects.
We spoke with Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, the cofounders of online crystal store Energy Muse, about how healing crystals can have a subtle — yet totally effective — presence in our everyday lives.
As mystical as crystals may seem, Jandro explains that it’s actually pretty simple to start using them. The very first thing you should do is “connect” with your crystal, which could mean carrying it with you, wearing it, or placing it in a room where you spend a lot of your time. The idea is to let the stone get to know you and your intentions, so that you’ll imbue it with your energy and it will grow accustomed to your energy, too.
Once you’ve bonded with your crystal, “that crystal then holds an intention for you when you might not be holding it for yourself,” Jandro says. “It will emanate that energy for you.”
Different crystals serve different functions; some improve your luck, others offer protection, and so on — but you may not always be thinking of that aspect of your life. As Jandro says, your crystal can work to effect change in these areas for you, kind of like a placeholder for your efforts.
Beyond imbuing your space with a crystal’s energy, Askinosie says that you can certainly interact with it if you prefer. “Place the stone on your heart and let it sit there for 10 to 11 minutes,” she says. “When you take it off, you’re going to feel different.” You can easily add a healing crystal to a meditation practice, if you have one, or, Askinosie adds, you can also place your crystal somewhere on your body if you’re reading or about to go to sleep. “It doesn’t take a lot of energy. It just takes time,” she says.
Of course, it can be tricky to know where to start, especially when there are countless types of crystals and minerals out there to choose from. Luckily, Askinosie and Jandro stepped in to recommend the best crystal to fit our needs.
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If you're feeling out of touch (or just really love the moon)...
True to its name, moonstone possesses many of the same properties as the moon itself. Not only can it pull us deeper into our feelings, it can foster a greater sense of romance between partners, too. This is also a great stone to keep at your side during the full moon — it just might heighten the effects of this powerful lunar phase.
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If you're feeling uninspired...
Amethyst is a great all-purpose stone, but it's especially useful when you're struggling with a mental block. With its deep connection to the imagination, it may provide the boost of creativity you need. Keep this stone in your work space if that's where you do your best thinking or stow it under your bed — your next big idea just might come to you in a dream.
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If you're in a deep emotional rut...
Rainbow obsidian — not to be confused with the opaque black variety — is believed to help users let go of stagnating emotions and feelings of loss. This extremely personal stone is best kept close to your body or in your bedroom, to ensure a close stone-to-user bond, which will ultimately lead to greater effects.
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If you need a mood-booster...
It's no coincidence that Kim Kardashian West found citrine's presence comforting in the wake of her robbery last year. This stone is believed to promote optimism and make room for new and better things. It's the reminder we all need to see the silver lining.
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If you've been feeling sluggish...
Garnet isn't referred to as the "energizer" on Energy Muse's site for nothing. This stone is said to stoke the user's passion, focus, and, yes, their overall energy. Keep it in your medicine cabinet, vanity, or at your kitchen table — wherever you go right after waking up.
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If you need to unwind...
In their book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You, Askinosie and Jandro write that fluorite is an extremely calming and absorbent stone, adding that its soothing properties can even help those whose thoughts keep them from sleeping. Stow your fluorite in any space you want to make into your own private oasis.
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If you need protection from negative vibes…
Askinosie recommends black tourmaline, or tourmalinated quartz. “Black tourmaline has this amazing absorption power. It absorbs [things] before your energetic field will,” she says. Jandro adds that onyx and shungite are good options as well, thanks to their neutralizing powers.
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If you’re looking for love…
Without hesitation, Jandro says rose quartz, which she describes as the “grandmother of all love stones,” is the right way to go. “It reminds you to receive and also give love. It helps heal the heart. Sometimes people have had a hard time in love, so their heart might be closed off. Rose quartz just reminds you to open your heart back up,” she explains.
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If you’re seeking success…
Pyrite, which you may know better as “fool’s gold,” might not seem like a great stone to have around if you’re seeking success, but Jandro says it’s just the thing to get to the heart of your career issue. She explains that “it has this frequency of gold and wealth, but it also has this aspect of a mirror,” which encourages you to reflect on the current state of your job or finances. She explains that Pyrite helps you get out of a mindset that isn’t poised for success, which she calls the “poverty consciousness.” Jandro reassures that, more often than not, “money’s easy to manifest.”
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If you want to jump-start your health…
Askinosie says the best stone for health is, without a doubt, shungite. “We think every human being on the planet needs it... It really clears your energy body, clears a lot of layers,” she says. “Wearing it helps you become more clear so that you know what path you need to take on to help you with your health.”
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If you’ve been feeling unlucky lately…
This one’s simple. All you need, Jandro says, is aventurine, which “holds the energy of money and wealth and opportunities.” For best results, she recommends keeping it close by at all times.
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If you’re craving focus…
“Hematite’s a really good stone for grounding,” Jandro says. She explains that its metallic appearance led healers to associate hematite with stability. People who connect with hematite stones tend to feel more rooted to the earth and have an easier time concentrating.
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Photo: Courtesy of Energy Muse.
If you’re a total newcomer and up for anything…
A simple quartz crystal is the ideal gateway stone. It’s easily integrated into any meditation practice and, thanks to its prismatic look, is associated with very universal properties. “It’s all about clarity,” Jandro says. And who couldn’t use more of that?

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