8 Healing Crystals For The Total Beginner

Photo: Courtesy Of Energy Muse.
Although you may associate them with a grade-school science experience (or, less flatteringly, with Spencer Pratt), crystals are actually having a rather fashionable moment. Nowadays, you’re just as likely to see them on a statement necklace as in your nearest New Age shop. That said, many people still believe certain crystals have healing properties — and you don’t need to go replacing all your doors with beaded curtains to feel those effects.
We spoke with Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, the cofounders of online crystal store Energy Muse, about how healing crystals can have a subtle — yet totally effective — presence in our everyday lives.
As mystical as crystals may seem, Jandro explains that it’s actually pretty simple to start using them. The very first thing you should do is “connect” with your crystal, which could mean carrying it with you, wearing it, or placing it in a room where you spend a lot of your time. The idea is to let the stone get to know you and your intentions, so that you’ll imbue it with your energy and it will grow accustomed to your energy, too.
Once you’ve bonded with your crystal, “that crystal then holds an intention for you when you might not be holding it for yourself,” Jandro says. “It will emanate that energy for you.”
Different crystals serve different functions; some improve your luck, others offer protection, and so on — but you may not always be thinking of that aspect of your life. As Jandro says, your crystal can work to effect change in these areas for you, kind of like a placeholder for your efforts.
Beyond imbuing your space with a crystal’s energy, Askinosie says that you can certainly interact with it if you prefer. “Place the stone on your heart and let it sit there for 10 to 11 minutes,” she says. “When you take it off, you’re going to feel different.” You can easily add a healing crystal to a meditation practice, if you have one, or, Askinosie adds, you can also place your crystal somewhere on your body if you’re reading or about to go to sleep. “It doesn’t take a lot of energy. It just takes time,” she says.
Of course, it can be tricky to know where to start, especially when there are countless types of crystals and minerals out there to choose from. Luckily, Askinosie and Jandro stepped in to recommend the best crystal to fit our needs.
Click ahead to find the healing crystal that’s right for you.

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