15 Last-Minute Food Gifts That Cost $5 Or Less

If you recently found yourself wondering, how the hell we are halfway into December?! — we can relate. Other than a working title for our annual holiday disaster drama, it's also the panic inducing feeling we get as we glance at our Google calendars, prompted by a co-worker's cheery question, "Have you finished all your holiday shopping?" No Susan, no we haven't. Turning into a last-minute shopper isn't our first choice, but the idea of blowing our budgets at the beginning of the month isn't a great option, either. And so we wind up holding onto our bucks as long as possible. But now, how do we unstick ourselves from this halfway through-December gift-less dilemma? Well, here's one idea: the under $5 food find.

Hear us out, not only are edible gifts affordable (especially when compared to buys in other categories), but they also have potential to be endlessly customizable with a little noshing know-how. Plus, you easily can pick one up just about anywhere at any anytime, tie it all together with a bow, and call your gift shopping complete. But, if you're still feeling fresh out of ideas, we'll do you a last-minute solid: Ahead, find 15 impressive food-related finds for under $5 that you can buy now (or later). Hey, you've still got 21 days left before 2018 to shell out that Lincoln — so Susan can put a sock in it.

Gift this little pouch of gummies to your very own sugar lips: in sweet and sour watermelon, strawberry, and bubble gum flavors.

Sugarfina Sugar Lips Taster Packet, $2.50, available at Sugarfina.
The eternal burger lover in your life will thank you for this memorializing keychain.

Vi.yo Hamburger Keychain Ring, $2.10, available at Amazon.
Surprise a scotch-sipper with a pretty packet of these craft caramels.

McCrea's Single Malt Scotch Caramels, $3.95, available at McCrea's.
Yes, a bag of potato chips can and should be a suitable gift — especially when it's a gourmet, skin-on situation.

The Billy Goat Chip Company Potato Chips, $5, available at The Billy Goat Chip Company.
The world needs more temporary hot dog tattoo wearers, so spread the cheer and gift it.

Julia Rothman Hot Dog Temporary Tattoo, $5 (set of 2), available at Tattly.
Sea salted caramel butter cookies sandwiching vanilla bean-infused marshmallows may be the best $5 food gift in the game.

Malvi Sea Salt Caramel Marshmallow Cookies, $5, available at Malvi.
Don't underestimate the power of some good flaky sea salt — Jacobsen's slim tin will up your saltiest friend's seasoning game.

Jacobsen Salt Co. Flake Salt Slide Tins, $5, available at Jacobsen Salt Co.
These peanut butter sandwich cookies are covered in a creamy milk chocolate coating, and are just begging to be gifted to a Girl Scout goods fanatic.

Mouth-Alongs Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Cookies, $5, available at Mouth.
Say it simply to a coffee craver with these stylish Starbucks' stickers.

Panda Q Stationary Starbucks Sticker Set, $1.99 (for 25 pc), available at Etsy.
Surprise your chocolate monster with this chic, simple, and majorly flavorful craft bar

Woodblock Chocolate Craft Dark Chocolate Bar, $4, available at Made In Oregon.
Looks like an artisan-style Pop Tart, but tastes like a buttery and flaky blueberry pie — and gifts like you homemade it.

Megpies Blueberry Toaster Tart, $4.50, available at Mouth.
For the fresh foodies who also love a fresh novel.

Panda Q Stationary Fresh Food Bookmark Set, $2.50 (for 30 pc), available at Etsy.
For those who aren't messing around with their mustard, this horseradish-infused jar is a condiment king.

A. Bauer's Mustard Horseradish Mustard, $4.25, available at Mouth.
Artisan chickpeas are the new artisan potato chips!

Pulse Roasted Chickpeas Spicy Lemon Zest Crispy Chickpeas, $4.25, available at Pulse.
Accessorize your loved ones with spicy on-the-go swag.

Sriracha 2 Go Sriracha Keychain, $5, available at Sriracha 2 Go.
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