Meet All Of Arie Luyendyk, Jr.'s 29 Potential Fiancées On The Bachelor

On January 1, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. will take the stage as the next Bachelor. He's a bit of a wild card — he hasn't been on a season of reality television since season 8 of The Bachelorette, when he vied for the heart of Emily Maynard. (Luyendyk came in second place. He was the favorite to be the next Bachelor, but he somehow evaded capture for another five years.)

Because he's been a little out of the loop, it was hard to predict who his contestants would be. Luyendyk is a bit of a mystery to Bachelor Nation, as is his taste. Luyendyk is 36 — the same age that Nick Viall was when he was the Bachelor — and a professional race car driver (and occasional realtor). The upcoming season will include travels to Fort Lauderdale, Paris, and Peru, as Luyendyk probes his inner self to fall in love.

Most importantly, he will be faced with 29 women, all of whom are interested in falling in love on television. The 29 women were introduced today exclusively on People, and, as per usual, they run the gamut. Among them, there's a sports reporter, a social media manager, and the usual array of real estate agents and realtors. Ahead, get to know the women who will vie for Luyendyk's heart in January. (That's very soon!)

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Kendall, 26
Occupation: A creative director
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Okay, get this: Kendall once drove a car off a ramp and through the caboose of a moving train. She also collects taxidermy and says she sees "beauty in dark things."
Chelsea, 29
Occupation: Real estate executive assistant
Hometown: Portland, Maine

When asked what kind of weather she prefers, Chelsea had the wrong answer. She said, "My ideal weather would be mid-70's sunny, with a slight breeze. Life is less complicated when neutral."

Um, Chelsea, the perfect weather occurs on April 29. All you need is a light jacket!
Bibiana, 30
Occupation: Executive assistant
Hometown: Miami Beach, Florida

Bibiana is the opposite of Alexis from last season: She hates sharks. But, she loves orca whales. When asked what animal she'd like to be, her answer was: "A free orca. I'd love to live in the ocean and they move around, plus they keep their fam tight."
Seinne, 27
Occupation: Commercial real estate manager
Hometown: Newport Beach, California

Seinne says what we're all thinking about Game of Thrones in her bio. She says her favorite show is Game of Thrones.

She adds, "Even though I'm often confused."
Rebekah (Bekah)
Occupation: Nanny
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Bekah, an artist, was invited to the national rock climbing competition, and her guilty pleasure is "eating bags of popcorn in place of meals."
Valerie, 25
Occupation: Server
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Valerie notably confesses to having 5o costumes in her closet because she loves Halloween.

"I wish every day were Halloween," she says.
Amber, 29
Occupation: Business owner
Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Amber, a former competitive dancer, once held a huge python during a trip to Thailand.

"I hate snakes so this was crazy for me," she says. "I wanted to feel like Britney Spears at the VMAs, I did not."
Annaliese, 32
Occupation: Event designer
Hometown: San Francisco, California

Annaliese has some great pop culture proclivities: Chrissy Teigen, Miley Cyrus, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Futurama.
Ashley, 25
Occupation: Real estate agent
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida

Ashley cannot live without Spotify and, more importantly, she's a fan of the movie The Family Stone, an underappreciated classic.
Brianna, 25
Occupation: A sports reporter
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Brianna goes by "Bri" and, if she got to have lunch with three people, dead or alive, she'd invite Barack Obama, her grandmother, and Audrey Hepburn. And, for food, she would order shots for the table. Raise your hand if you would also like to take a shot with Audrey, your grandmother, and 44.
Brittane, 27
Occupation: Marketing manager
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

If Brittane could be any fictional character, she would be Samantha from Bewitched.

As for romance, she considers herself an absolute romantic. "I am impressed by the smallest romantic gestures," she said.
Brittany, 30
Occupation: Tech recruiter
Hometown: Austin, Texas

When asked where she "meets guys," Brittany was candid.

"I don't...jk," she said, adding, "The past two I've met have been through dating apps and they're terrible human beings."
Caroline, 26
Occupation: Realtor
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Caroline loves Celine Dion and Riverdale. She was once Miss Massachusetts Teen USA. She has a plant named Phil.
Nysha, 30
Occupation: Orthopedic nurse
Hometown: Anderson, South Carolina

Nysha's fictional role model is Mulan. (Rightfully so!)

"She pretended to be a man and went to war. How badass is that?" she says. "Or Willy Wonka. The man had his own chocolate factory!"
Jenna, 28
Occupation: Social media manager
Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Jenna loves Friends, Sixteen Candles, and, if she had to be a fruit or a vegetable, she'd be a pineapple.
Jennifer, 25
Occupation: Graphic designer
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Jennifer's biggest fear is "picking the wrong person to marry." She's also a fan of the film 21 Jump Street.
Krystal, 30
Occupation: Fitness Coach
Hometown: San Diego, California

If Krystal could be any animal, she'd be a unicorn.

"Because those who believe in magic will find it," she explains.
Jacqueline, 26
Occupation: Research Coordinator
Hometown: New York, New York

Jacqueline is looking to get a Ph.D. in chemical psychology, and, if she were to invite three guests to lunch, dead or alive, she'd invite David Foster Wallace, Julius Caesar, and Thomas Jefferson.
Jessica, 26
Occupation: TV Host
Hometown: Santa Monica, California

Jessica's all-time favorite book is Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.

"She is a role model and I love to live life with a 'YES' perspective!" she said.
Lauren B., 25
Occupation: Technology salesperson
Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Lauren B. (the first of four Laurens) is a second-degree black belt and she's a big fan of Elsa from Frozen.
Lauren G., 26
Occupation: Executive Recruiter
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Lauren G., like most of America, is obsessed with This is Us.

"I love television shows and movies that are heartfelt," she shared.
Lauren J., 33
Occupation: Recent Masters Graduate
Hometown: New Roads, Louisiana

Lauren J. is "always late" and confesses that she's more "messy" than neat. (A true rom-com heroine!) She's also a big fan of eating pizza in bed.
Lauren S., 31
Occupation: Social Media Manager
Hometown: Dallas, Texas

The last of the Laurens, Lauren S. is a professed nerd. She loves Harry Potter and Hamilton. If she could be an animal, she'd be an otter so she could "just swim around and cuddle all day."
Alison, 27
Occupation: Personal Stylist
Hometown: Lawton, OK

Things Alison loves: New York City (It's romantic), Wonder Woman (She's confident and beautiful), and Nickelback (?).
Maguel, 23
Occupation: Photographer
Hometown: Orem, Utah

What's the most romantic city, according to Maguel?

"Paris. Obvi."

More importantly, she doesn't like when her date doesn't feed her, rightfully so. We deserve to eat!
Marikh, 27
Occupation: Restaurant Owner
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Marikh enjoys cooking, Meryl Streep, and "being mysterious."

"People always make incorrect assumptions about me and I'd rather they not have me confirm those," she says.
Olivia, 23
Occupation: Marketing Associate
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Kathleen from You've Got Mail loved daisies; Olivia from The Bachelor loves sunflowers.

"Because I don't think I could go past a field of them without smiling!" she says.
Rebecca, 27
Occupation: Publicist
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

The most "embarrassing" thing Rebecca listens to is the Sister Act 2 soundtrack, which, from our perspective, isn't embarrassing at all. She also has "grape stomping" on her bucket list.
Tia, 26
Occupation: Physical Therapist
Hometown: Weiner, Arkansas

Tia is a big fan of the leopard. She loves them because they are, "sly, quick, sassy, [and] beautiful."
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