Here Is Every Piece Of The 2017 Kardashian Christmas Card Puzzle

Add this to the list of benign things you know about the Kardashians: they love Christmas. Perhaps it’s the hard ‘c’ sound that lends itself to being spelled 'Khristmas' at their disposal. It could be the guaranteed exchange of lavish gifts since they’re all so very rich. Maybe they just enjoy the merriment of the season, and the opportunity to come together as a family with their busy schedules. Either way, the Kardashian krew takes the holiday pretty season pretty seriously as evidenced by their annual Christmas card.

Here is something you definitely already knew about the Kardashians: they are nothing if not strategic when it comes to their aesthetic. This has been evident in the execution of their annual holiday cards over the years. They already have big numbers on their side with their growing family, adding a ton of dimension to the festive snaps. But their years of experience in front of the camera make them pretty tough competition during the most wonderful time of the year.

Much like everything else in the Kardashian-verse, the family’s annual holiday snapshot has become one of their most anticipated products of the year. And Kim Kardashian knows it. If this theory by Bustle is to be believed, she appears to be using her Twitter feed to drop clues about the big reveal to the tune of 25 days of Christmas. She posted the first picture on December 1, a partial image of a Christmas tree and her son Saint West standing among pile of wrapped boxes. Since then, she has released another piece of the puzzle each day. If she keeps this up, it’ll culminate into an amazing shot on Christmas day, but so far, these teasers are pretty cute.

To keep you up to speed, we’re aggregating all of the tweets so that you can keep track of them all in one place.

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December 1
The post that started it all. Kim kicked things off with the official “25 Days of Christmas.”

Saint West is still a perfect little human.
December 2
North West looks up at someone who is likely Kim with platinum blonde hair. Nori's own hair is my personal #lengthgoals.

Another one of the sisters, probably Kourtney or Kendall since Kylie and Khloé are both reportedly pregnant, stands off to the side.
December 3
Reign Aston Disick, the youngest child of Kourtney and Scott, is having a moment in this picture and it's adorable.
December 4
So in case there was any question, the vibe for this year's shoot appears to be totally casual and denim-filled. Kim appears in ripped jeans and barefoot while North wears a matching denim jacket and jeans as well.
December 5
This slide doubles as a birthday shout out to the adorable Saint West! Happy birthday baby boy!
Photo:Mood Board/REX/Shutterstock.
Day 6
I think Kim made a mistake. She didn't tweet out an image on Day 6.
Day 7
We're back in action folks. But it looks like North might be worn out. I can tell how interested she is in what Kim is saying.
Day 8
In this photo, North and Saint West appear to be daring you to name a more iconic duo than the two of them. Don't worry, they'll wait. And is that Kim's grandma, MJ in the background?
Day 9
Finally! Baby Dream Kardashian, the daughter of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna makes her debut in her first ever Kardashian Christmas card. She's seriously adorable. Mason, Kourtney's first born, is unstoppable.
Day 10
Penelope is really serving a mood here. I think she might be the first member of the family to make a serious career out of acting.
Day 11
We have our first spouse people! Although we can only see their torsos, Kim and Kanye look like they're cozying up for winter.
Photo: REX/Shutterstock.
Day 12
Another day with no puzzle piece. I guess when you're the Kween of Khristmas Kards, you can do whatever you want.
Day 13
This was a shot we have been waiting for. Khloé Kardashian, who is allegedly pregnant makes her debut. She's not sporting a visible baby bump, which has some fans pretty bummed out. But she is holding baby Dream, which is enough of a baby fix for me. This is also Kris Jenner's debut in the card. I wonder what her and MJ are chatting about.
Day 14
How cool is it that you get to share a birthday with your brother even though you're not twins? This is the case for Mason and Reign Disick, who are featured in todays snippet with their mom Kourtney.

There are a quite a few Sagittarius kiddos in the KarJenner crew.
Day 15
Oh hi Kim.
Day 16
All four members of the Kardashian West family in one shot. But don't expect a smile from Kanye, even if it is Christmastime.
Day 17
Kris Jenner is a proud grandma, beaming over the youngest, and only grandchild with the Kardashian last name, baby Dream! So cute!
Day 18

This daddy/daughter moment between Kanye and North is what the Christmas spirit is all about!
Day 19

Today we find the kids running wild and free while the Kardashian sister (and MJ) chill and watch the action.
Day 20

It's all about MJ — and her fab wig.
Day 21

It's just the Wests. Kim and Kanye are giving Blue Steel while North beams and Saint stares into the distance.
Day 22

Today we get Ye with Saint, who is sporting some cute cornrows to go with the topless situation.
Day 23

This looks like a fresh game of ring around the rosie!
Day 24

Now this is a true calendar look —  but still no Kylie?
Day 25

All 25 days came and went with no appearance from Kylie Jenner. So, what do you think that means? Merry Kristmas!
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