Here's How Much It Would Cost To Buy All Of Oprah's Favorite Things

If there's anybody whose taste we consistently trust — whether it comes to books, movies, gadgets, or fashion — it's the one and only Oprah. That's why when she releases her list of favorite things every year, our ears perk up. Sure, it's lovingly eccentric (this time around, we're talking mermaid blankets and rather overpriced bicycles), but it also immediately gets us into the holiday spirit.

Last year, the price of the complete list totaled about $14,000. The year before that, 87 items came out to an extravagant $15,565.05. In 2017, her list seems to have gotten a bit more democratic: The 102 items cost $13,400 total ($12,200 if you use Oprah's special discount). On it, there are gadgets, cases for gadgets, fancy hand creams, and so many snuggly, fuzzy things that we almost can't wait for it to finally get colder.

Oprah's favorite things for 2017, once again, delights with personality. And fuzzy things. But while Oprah may have impeccable taste, we know how to edit and cull her lengthy list to just the necessities we know you'll need. Check out some of our favorites from it, ahead.

Oprah says: "These adorable Bluetooth speakers made last year's list, and now some new critters are joining the menagerie. Pick one or pair up a cute couple, and watch kids of all ages grin from ear to ear."

Our take: Cute. Tiny. Thing. Must. Buy.

My Audio Pet OWLcapella Blue, $29.99 (20% off with code OPRAH), available at My Audio Pet.
Oprah says: "People spend the best years of their lives either trying to untangle their charger cords or track down missing earbuds. Here's a well-priced way to give the gift of sanity (and organization)."

Our take: We'll do just about anything to keep our cords from tangling, so yep.

My Tagalongs Charger Cases, $16 each (20% off with code OPRAH), available at My Tagalongs.
Oprah says: "As they sang in South Pacific, 'If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?' These cotton duvet covers encourage little ones to dream big."

Our take: Obviously little girls have more options than just being princesses or mermaids these days. With these chic blankets, kids (or adults) can pretend they're dinosaurs, astronauts...or mermaids, or princesses, if they like.

Snurk Duvet Covers, $119 each, available at
Oprah says: "Taking baths is my hobby, which means I'm never without my white tea and honeysuckle Lollia by Margot Elena bubbles. The bottle is almost as lovely as the relaxation inside."

Our take: That has got to be the most "Oprah" thing ever said. Also, nice to see we have hobbies in common.

Lollia by Margot Elena Dream Bubble Bath, $50 (20% off with code OPRAH), available at
Oprah says: "This bike is a monochromatic masterpiece, a work of art that truly moves you — its two gears shift automatically. It's light and made to last, with a basket built into the frame. You can choose from eight shades, but I can't wait to ride my brand-new white one around Santa Barbara."

Our take: At this price, you better make use of it. (P.S. What we would do to encounter Oprah on her bike.)

Martone Cycling Co. Gramercy Diamond, $1,100, available at Martone Cycling Co.
Oprah says: "Spoiler alert, Beyoncé: Your present's been selected. These seven hot sauces range from mild to uh-oh, so naturally they're designed to look like sticks of dynamite."

Our take: This way, you'll always have hot sauce in your bag.

Thoughtfully The Good Hurt Fuego: A Hot Sauce Lover's Gift Set, $34.99 (20% off with code OPRAH), available at
Oprah says: "The Echo has come a long way, baby! Alexa now shows and tells with its new built-in screen. Check out videos, Amazon content, home-security cameras, photos, shopping lists, and more. If you buy one for you and one for a friend, you save $100 and get more opportunities to connect."

Our take: The Echo Show may have all the features, but if you're looking for something more compact, try the Echo Spot.

Amazon Echo Show, $229.99, available at Amazon.
Oprah says: "Not sure what to get a nice neighbor or your kid's social studies teacher? These hand creams are rich, quick-absorbing, and deeply soothing."

Our take: Our beauty team approves of this high-end brand. And these smell amazing.

Tocca Hand Cream, $20, available at Tocca.
Oprah says: "These lightweight wireless earphones really put a great-sounding song in my heart. They charge super-fast (five minutes will give you up to two hours of tunes), and the magnetic buds cling together, making them easy to keep around your neck."

Our take: Holiday wish-list material?!

Apple BeatsX Earphones, $149.95, available at Apple.
Oprah says: "What a terrific lunch box — or 'modular food-storage container,' depending who you ask!"

Our take: This adult take on the school lunch box is sure to keep you organized.

Prepd Prepd Pack, $69 (20% off with code OPRAH), available at
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