7 Bath Bombs Even Spookier Than All Hallows’ Eve

Fall is by far the best time of the year to indulge in bath bombs. For starters, the weather is starting to cool down, meaning hopping in a tub of warm water is especially welcome. The cherry on top? All the spooky, Halloween-inspired orbs hitting the market at the same time.

There's a little something for everyone, too. Looking for a simple design that will turn your bath water into a black abyss? Check. Want something that'll pair nicely with the horror film you'll be watching later? Check, check. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let go of all your worries in a brew only witches could dream of.

Ahead, check out our favorite haunted bath bombs of the season. Can you say, "Trick-or-treat?"

Meet the cauldron-shaped bath bombs that will make Hocus Pocus fans very happy. Among our favorites: "Bitches Brew," "Decay," and "VampVogue."

WaywardAlchemy Enchanted Elixir Halloween Cauldron Bath Bomb, $6 each, available at Etsy.
Riding off the It movie hype right now? This rainbow-colored, Pennywise-inspired bath bomb is just what you need. (Red balloons sold separately.)

BubbleMania Co Pennywise IT Halloween Bath Bomb, $7.26, available at Etsy.
Not only does this fizzer look like a dead ringer for the Scream mask, but it also dyes your bath water a bright red.

GlitteryNightmares Scream Horror Movie Blood Filled Bath Bomb, $8, available at Etsy.
Ouija board enthusiasts, get ready: This black, glittery bath bomb might be the closest thing to seeing a ghost as it gets.

TheMADbombers Wake The Dead Black Planchette Dead Sea Scented Bath Bomb, $9, available at Etsy.
Any American Horror Story fan will immediately recognize this throwback.

ThePotionCabinet Unholy Water Bath Bomb, $12, available at Etsy.
The blood orange and goji berry scent feels especially fitting — in a creepy way, of course — for this heart-shaped orb.

RoseGardenApothecary Bloody Heart Bath Bomb, $3 each, available at Etsy.
For the optimal haunted bath time experience, we highly suggest buying this eerie bath bomb in pairs.

Theticklishgiraffe She's My Cherry Eye Bath Bomb, $5.50, available at Etsy.
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