These Hilarious Memes Capture The Agony Of A Horrible Sunburn

Relationships, a Comedy Central roast, spending the day on a yacht pretending to be the real-life version of Beyoncé and Jay Z — it's all fun and games until somebody gets burned. The good news here is that avoiding the latter consequence is completely in your control. Usher was wrong: You don't have to let it burn when there are so many effective sunscreens out there for people who are acne-prone, sensitive, cheap...

Still, that doesn't mean you can't relish every meme you stumble across that relates to the pain of skipping SPF. Ahead, we've rounded up our favorites — because as they say, laughter is the best medicine. Well, after aloe vera.

When #WhatILearnedAtTheBeach began trending on Twitter, there was one common thread throughout: The sunburn struggle is real. Like when you get so fried that you have to walk around like a zombie wearing loose-fitted clothing just to avoid anything touching your red, angry skin.
It also taught us that skimping on the SPF runs the risk of you getting a tan line that reveals exactly what you've been doing all summer...
One sports writer recently took to Twitter to deliver a PSA: This is what happens if you don't apply sunscreen before hours upon hours of playing softball outside. As you can imagine, his burnt-to-a-crisp photo went viral — and the memes created in response were straight fire.

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Michael Phelps became the subject of a string of sunburn-related memes when he showed up to an NCAA basketball game with orange-red skin, accentuated only by a pale outline of swim goggles. Twitter, of course, had a heyday with the shot.
Peeling, crying, crisping — this meme perfectly portrays every awful phase of a terrible sunburn.
Considering the fact that yesterday was the first official day of summer, this post feels more fitting now than ever. The transition struggle is real.
A downside to being born with red hair: Too much fun in the sun can turn your fair skin a similar shade of crimson.
Anyone who's ever regretted saying "no" to a tube of SPF before stepping out in the sun can relate. Christine, the person behind the @yeahitschill account, wrote, "Added to my list of worries now include skin cancer and sunburn."
This one goes out to anyone who's ever felt like their skin was on fire after too much exposure. (So... everyone?)
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