THIS Is What It's Like To Get Ready With Amber Rose

They say that after the party's the hotel lobby, but in our opinion, that's where the real fun starts. We love any opportunity to get a sneak-peek of celebs gathering with their glam squads, taking mask selfies, guzzling Starbucks (or better), and prepping their look for a long evening ahead.

And if there's one room where we'd most love to be a fly on the wall, it's Amber Rose's. The MUVA is not only the coolest damn beauty ambassador in the game, but she also serves flawless makeup looks red carpet after red carpet.

Rose kindly invited Refinery29 for a sneak peek at her getting-ready process before the MTV Movie and TV Awards. The highlight? Getting to spy Rose's Flirt! Molten Chic eyeshadow duos, a new product that she wore for the first time last night. Rose also dropped the news that she formulated her own liquid lipsticks — also launching this month.

Curious to see what she and her makeup artist Priscilla Ono got up to? Check it out, ahead.

"We've been working together for six years so she usually lets me do my thing but yesterday was a bit different. She knew what she wanted," Ono says.

"In [Amber's] words: 'I just want to be beat. I want really pretty shadow, big lashes, I want to be contoured!' She showed me references of contoured noses and cheekbones. We've never really done it so severe before but she really wanted to try it."
Ono used Flirt's new Molten Chic Eyeshadow Duo in Truth Or Dare (a shimmery pink and bronze pair the artist had a hand in creating) to define Rose's eyes.

Flirt Molten Chic Eyeshadow Duo in Truth Ore Dare, $18, available at Flirt.
"[I] wanted really great color payoff [for these shadows]," says Ono. "People are so savvy with makeup now, so we came up with a formula that's really pigmented and beautiful. I used the pink color in Truth Ore Dare on Amber's lid and the bronze shade on her outer corner to give definition." Then, to make Rose's eyes super dramatic, Ono slapped on a pair of Lily Lashes' Miami lashes.
The eyeshadow duos aren't the only new products from the brand though, later this month Flirt will be launching liquid lipsticks created by Rose herself. The shades are totally up her alley, too. The line up features a true-red (Rosebud), greyish-plum (Badass), and dirty-rose hue (Bash Love).

Flirt MUVA Mouth LIquid Lipstick, $18, available in mid-May at Flirt.
Once her eyes and base were done, Ono moved onto highlighter — which is a three-step process for the MUVA. "I'll put liquid highlighter over her foundation... because I want it to look more like skin. Then at the end, I'll put a powder highlighter on top, this time I used Dior Nude Air. Then I'll spray some Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist all over for an extra dewy finish."

To finish off the look, Ono slicked on a layer of Flirt's gloss in Meme Lover, a dusty rose hue. "She likes a lot of gloss so even though I do her lip, she always wants to put more on top herself," said Ono. "She'll look in the mirror and slowly put layers of gloss on — she loves to do it; I'm sure she did it over and over at the awards."

Flirt Chic Happens Ombre Lip Kit in Meme Lover, $24, available at Flirt.
"It usually takes me 45 minutes to an hour to do someone's makeup once they're in the chair, but with Amber it's a really chill vibe and the whole process takes a couple of hours," says Ono. "She doesn't like to sit and bang her makeup out, she likes to take her time."

"She super talkative and sometimes it gives me anxiety because I need her to stay still. When I do eyeliner sometimes she'll say, 'do one eye and then let's take a break and do the other eye!' She likes to have fun."
"She always wants to eat and she has to have her coffee so we'll do a run to Starbucks," says Ono.
"She puts half-and-half in with lots of sugar — she likes it really sweet."
Once Rose's makeup was done, it was time to slip into her vibrant red, two-piece gown, made custom by designer Bao Tranchi.
She finished with glittery Gianvito Rossi shoes and plenty of diamond accessories...
And you have the final radiant look. Another one for the books, if you ask us.
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