Finally, You Can Match Your Mani To Your Crystals Collection

People love putting stuff on their nails, and these days a cool manicure requires more than just a bright polish to stand out. The last few months alone, we’ve seen nails that resemble marijuana, fur, aquariums, and even a snow globe. Most lean on the side of absurd, but every once in a while, we’re shown a trend that's so chic, we can't wait to recreate it on ourselves. (Shattered glass nails is the perfect example.)

Now, the latest mani craze is targeting witchy enthusiasts everywhere and the results are spellbinding. If you’ve ever found yourself cradling your amethyst collection, first step away from the crystals. Then pick up your nail kit, because you're going to want to recreate these geode looks. Last fall, makeup artists were drawing a similar crystalized effect onto lips, which became an Instagram sensation overnight — even if it was a little unpractical for everyday wear. But on your nails, this art looks just as appropriate for your 9-to-5 job as it is for a night out.

The one downside: This trend isn’t as easy to DIY. (Most techniques we've seen require a hand nail drill to shave away the shiny polish and reveal the geode design in the center.) To avoid a potentially dangerous scenario, we suggest taking a few screenshots of the look and handing it off to a pro. Need a little inspiration? We've rounded up plenty of it for your viewing pleasure — ahead.

Spruce up an all-black manicure with some amethyst accents.
Even if you don't have the longest nails in the world, this trend could still work for you.
Like a smaller crystal, sometimes a little sparkle goes a long way.
This geode design looks straight out of a witches handbook. The rich purple hue gives it a sophisticated touch.
The perfect blend of the constellation trend and geode.
This haphazard, rocky design proves French tips can be cool again.
Who knew smoky gray geode could look so elegant?
Looking for a little more color? These crystalized gels are it.
Add a gold trim around the geode design if you want a unique twist on the trend.
Watch the hypnotizing process for yourself.
This intergalactic nail art is one part-geode, one-part stars.
While it looks just as great on short nails, this square acrylic set gives the crystals extra room to shine.
A trio of standout looks we can't stop swooning over.
Its sea of colors add extra dimension to this crystal manicure.
Pro tip: Leave the bottom half your nail natural, with a clear base coat, and adorn the other half of your nail with a black onyx design.
One more look at the mesmerizing transformation.
Glitters adds instant drama to any stone design.
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