Kendall Jenner Is In Marc Jacobs' Ensemble Fall Campaign

Update: There's another addition to Marc Jacobs' fall ads, filled with a cast of fascinating people that inspire the designer (both models and non-models), and this one's definitely a name you'll know. Kendall Jenner is in one of the David Sims-lensed shots of the campaign, sporting all black (most of the fall ads stick to this palette, in fact), paired with a serious amount of eyeliner and hair that's crimped to the hilt.

As he always does when debuting his campaign posse each season, Jacobs revealed the image on Instagram, accompanied by an extensive caption explaining his relationship with Jenner and rationale for the her inclusion. In Jenner's case, the duo first crossed paths during a casting for Jacobs' fall '14 show, introduced by Jacobs' go-to stylist, Love editor Katie Grand.

But it was Jenner's graceful gait in some teetering footwear (which she wears in the ad) that really impressed the designer. "During castings for fall ’16, due to the enormous height of the boots we designed, we had to make certain that each girl was able to walk (and walk safely)," Jacobs writes on Instagram. "Kendall slid those boots on and walked around the studio as if she was in a pair of running shoes: statuesque, confident, and just as enthusiastic and excited to be doing the show as if it was her first one."

Jacobs also has some flattering words for the model beyond her strutting abilities."It goes without saying that Kendall has gone on to establish an incredible career for herself and every bit of it is a testament to her hard work, passion, and desire," Jacobs writes. Stay tuned for any further additions to the campaign.

Update, June 20, 2016:
Marc Jacobs has released a few more images from his fall ’16 ads, which are being rolled out incrementally via Instagram (par for the course for the designer’s last few campaigns). Six new images were released over the weekend, including Marilyn Manson, Cara Delevingne, and Courtney Love. As always, Jacobs shares each campaign image with a lengthy caption detailing his connection to the person and the significance of casting her or him in the ads. Last week’s unveiled ads feature Missy Elliott, Sissy Spacek, John Tuite, and Carlos Santolalla, as well as a model group shot.

Jacobs decided to cast Delevingne for reasons eclipsing her looks (which are basically unrecognizable in this campaign image): “Every once in a blue moon, I am fortunate enough to meet a model with a personality so huge it almost overshadows even the strongest of looks — the most dramatic fashion,” the designer writes on Instagram.

Love and Jacobs met in 1994, and the designer was “quite taken by her deep, thorough knowledge of and voracious appetite for fashion and music,” he writes of the “Goddess of Grunge.” It’s not all sentimental, though — Jacobs also praises the “movie star glamour of the powerfully aloof and infinitely present” current-day Love.

Other imagery released over the weekend includes performance artist Kembra Pfahler and St. Vincent, a.k.a. Annie Clark — the latter of whom Jacobs wanted to feature in a campaign for a while, per his Instagram post. There’s also a shot of a trio of models donning black and wearing sunglasses, which Jacobs explains was inspired by ‘80s girl groups and the 1984 hit “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” in his Instagram caption (which also includes a brief history lesson on the significance of wearing black from the 15th century through present day).

As for Manson’s casting, Jacobs writes that the two met in 1996 and he used Manson’s song, “The Beautiful People,” as the soundtrack to his fall ’11 show. This isn’t Manson’s first time in a high-end campaign — he was featured in Hedi Slimane-era Saint Laurent ads circa 2013. He’s also quietly been cropping up in the fashion orbit in the last few months, whether in the flesh (i.e. attending a Stella McCartney show) or printed on T-shirts (worn by the likes of Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner). It’s a pretty heady dose of ’90s nostalgia, thanks to Manson, Love, and Elliott all appearing in the ads.
There are likely a couple more names still to come in the fall ’16 imagery, so stay tuned.

This story was originally published on June 15, 2016.

Marc Jacobs is yet again releasing a sprawling campaign filled with quite an eclectic cast. As with the designer's ads last season, the fall 2016 images star models as well as very interesting non-models (of varying degrees of fame) that inspire Jacobs. So far, we know that Missy Elliott and Sissy Spacek are part of the newest campaign. As in past seasons, the photos were shot by David Sims and are being shared in spurts, via Instagram, with lengthy captions (succinct love letters, really) detailing why Jacobs chose each person.

Photo: Courtesy of David Sims/Marc Jacobs.

"In a continuing series of portraits for our Fall 2016 ad campaign, the individuals in these photographs represent a collective embodiment of love, honesty, integrity, courage, strength, curiosity and inspiration," Jacobs wrote on Instagram yesterday. "Together, as one story, this collection is a reminder to question and challenge normal and to continue exploring and pushing boundaries."

As for Missy's campaign cameo (she dons feathers and one of those puffy black Canada Goose jackets from the designer's fall '16 show in the shot) Jacobs wrote that "it was a dream of mine to work with her," and that he's been a fan for nearly two decades. "Missy’s music has kept me and my design team happily energized through countless weekdays, weeknights and weekends during those long hours of sketching, fitting, styling and doing looks...I am in continued awe of Missy’s ability to push the boundaries of the style of music both to the eye and to the ear," Jacobs wrote.

Photo: Courtesy of David Sims/Marc Jacobs.

Jacobs' reasons for casting Sissy Spacek date back even further, all the way back to when the designer was 13 years old and saw Carrie for the very first time, as he details in the Insta reveal of the campaign shot. Other campaign images released thus far include artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and a gaggle of models.

And while Elliott and Spacek are the biggest, most attention-grabbing names in the ads (that we know of yet, at least), perhaps the most poignant casting is former couple John Tuite and Carlos Santolalla. Known collectively as "Jarlos," they gained attention in 2015 or being the "first gay couple" to sign with a modeling agency; Jacobs shares the full backstory of why he cast the ex-couple (wearing the designer's women's pieces) on Instagram. Santolalla told Dazed yesterday why the ad symbolizes LGBT defiance and is especially powerful in light of the horrific shooting in Orlando, FL.

Photo: Courtesy of David Sims/Marc Jacobs.

The spring '16 ads featured a compelling mishmash of badasses like Beth Ditto, Bette Midler, director Lana Wachowski, and former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Dan Donigan (a.k.a. Milk). Orevious seasons included everyone from Kendall Jenner to Cher and Willow Smith. Who do you hope pops up as the next fall '16 MJ campaign star?

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