20 Incredible Actors Who Shockingly Haven't Won Oscars — Yet

Honestly, it always seems that Amy Adams and Meryl Streep are up for Academy Awards in acting categories. Here's the major difference between the two incredibly talented, often nominated candidates: Streep has won three Academy Awards, and Adams has yet to win one, despite multiple nominations.
We already know that Oscars aren't the definitive measure of success. If they were, then Brokeback Mountain would've won in 2004. But regardless of the flaws and philosophies behind award shows, an Oscars win does mean something for a person's career. First, it means studio marketers can put "Oscar-winner" in front of their name on all future movie posters. It also means they've been formally recognized for their talent.
Given how prolific and talented they are, you'll be surprised to find that these actors haven't yet received Oscars. Leonardo DiCaprio sure is happy to be off this list.

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