This Week In Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande, A Possible Wedding Date Emerges

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Is that the sound of wedding bells, I hear? Or is it just the screeching meerkats in the "God Is A Woman" music video? Either way, this past week gave Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande fans a lot to think about. What started with an innocent tattoo made way for major dental surgery and ended with Davidson maybe or maybe not owning me in the comments of an article I wrote. Standard.
Since Saturday Night Live is on break for the summer, Davidson has pretty much become Grande's full-time hype-man, spending most of the week promoting his fiancée's new music video. He has the enthusiasm, he has the merch, he has a video of himself totally smitten while watching Grande perform.
However, that doesn't mean he's totally moved on from his past. Some ghosts from his relationship with Cazzie David, who he dated for two years before getting engaged to Grande, are still haunting him — so much so he had to address them on Instagram.
You can catch up on all this, from the drama to the heartwarming moments, ahead.
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DRIPPIN SWAGU @arianagrande 💅🏼💍✨ This nail look yesterday 💀

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Grande may have gotten a "Pete" tattoo.

At least, what does that word look like to you?
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why did my doctor put this thing around my face like it’s the 20s?

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Davidson got his wisdom teeth removed.

Don't worry, Grande was right by his side.
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Grande gushed about Davidson on Instagram stories.

Let's be honest, pretty much every post for Grande is a Pete Davidson appreciation post.
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The "God Is A Woman" video comes out, and Davidson approves.

What is he thinking...
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Fans accuse Davidson of "regifting" his father's FDNY badge.

He cleared this up on Instagram:

"Actually I didn’t give that to my ex. Yes she had one but it was a replica. I had a bunch of replicas made. My sister and grandpa also have one. The one that Ari has is the one my dad actually died in and he wore his entire career and the one I’ve worn for over 17 years. I've actually never taken it off other than for SNL or work. So it means a lot to me."
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This meme starts taking over Twitter.

She's right, she could rock it.
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Fans think they've figured out the wedding date.

At this rate, no date is too soon.
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Pete Davidson maybe reads Refinery29??

Davidson — but more likely a Davidson fan — was not happy with what a body language expert had to say about the relationship.

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