Breaking Down Ariana Grande's Absolutely Wild "God Is A Woman" Music Video

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I'm not sure what "God Is A Woman" means, but Ariana Grande has a lot to say about it. Her new single, which dropped Friday morning, is called "God Is A Woman." It's mostly about sex, I think. Grande sings, "Lay me down and let's pray/I'm telling you the way I like it, how I want it." She's equating sex with a religious experience (à la "Like a Prayer").
Then, there's the video! It arrived at noon on Friday, and it's lush with visuals. Images like:
-Three small men milking Grande's udders
-Grande growing a fake belly via animation
-A massive gospel choir dressed in all white
-Grande straddling the world, and seemingly fingering (sorry) a hurricane
-A lot of straight-haired women standing in a line back to the camera
-Puppet meerkats
God is a woman, and Ariana Grande is confusing. Ahead, the best and most compelling images from the video, and what I think they mean. (Think.)
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The image: Grande, sitting in the center of the galaxy.

The meaning: She's the center of the universe, like God, or the sun.
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The image: Grande lying on a platform on top of a four-poster bed. On the bed, a few naked dancers writhe around.

The meaning: She's the center of the universe, also in bed.
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The image: Grande floating in a muddy mixture of paint.

The meaning: She's also the center of a giant paint vulva. Or, if we're thinking big picture, she's in the middle of a womb.
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The image: Grande sitting atop an open book while men throw phrases like "bitch" at her.

The meaning: Grande is rubber — whatever you throw at her bounces off of her, and sticks to you!
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The image: Grande, with three drawn dog heads emerging from her neck.

The meaning: This is a reference to Cerberus, the figure in Greek mythology who guards the gates to the underworld. This could also be a reference to Fluffy, the three-headed dog in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
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The image: Grande in a bodysuit (and heels) on all fours. Below her, three men milk her udders.

The meaning: This is a reference to the Greek myth of Romulus and Remus. Romulus and Remus, who were raised by a she-wolf, are often pictured suckling at the teat of a massive she-wolf. In this iteration of the myth, Ariana Grande is the she-wolf. (Much like Shakira.)
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The image: A lot of people have their backs turned to the camera. They all have long, straight hair. Grande, dressed in a satin gown, gazes into the camera.

The meaning: When the world turns its back on you, Grande will be there for you. (Much like the characters from Friends.)
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The image: Grande sits inside a flame.

The meaning: Grande sits inside a flame, which looks a lot like a vulva.
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The image: Grande strokes a makeshift belly as she sings, "Boy, if you confess, you might get blessed/ See if you deserve what comes next."

The meaning: Well, if he confesses — presumably, that means something else — then the inevitable will occur. In more graphic terms: Sperm will meet an egg.
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The image: Grande astride the world.

The meaning: You know the song that goes, "He's got the whole world in his hands"? It's like that, except she has the whole world between her legs, i.e. she is the world. (God is a wooooomaaaaan.)
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The image: Ariana Grande floating, cross-legged, inside a triangle. A couple of planets float nearby.

The meaning: Twitter seems to think this is a reference to the Illuminati, the fabled secret society that (allegedly) uses triangle imagery. But the etchings behind Grande also recall Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.
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The image: This is actually the part of the video where Grande recites a line from Pulp Fiction (which is actually a quote from Ezekiel 25:17) as Madonna. (Madonna provided voiceover.) The line is: "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious
Anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my [sisters]. And you will know
My name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." She then throws a hammer upwards, and it shatters a glass ceiling.

The meaning: Grande tweeted today that she hoped this part of the video would inspire more women to "break the glass ceiling." The quote also literally says, "My name is the Lord." Grande is God.
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The image: Grande stands inside two legs, which are open wide.

The meaning: More yonic imagery, here. Grande, a God, sits inside the place of all creation — a crotch!
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The image: Grande walks a tightrope carrying balloons.

The meaning: This life is a delicate balance. (I think.)
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The image: Grande stands in the middle of a crowd, which appears to be singing with her. They bob and weave to to the music. The crowd is dressed in white satin robes, and some of the singers wear hoods.

The meaning: The white sends a very clear religious message. (White equals lightness, and virginity, if we're being frank.) Also, Grande looks like she's being hailed queen in this image.
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The image: Grande, wearing a crown, reaches out from inside the fold of a red cloak.

The meaning: This is a direct recreation of Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam. Except Grande, in this case, is God. God is a woman, folks.

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