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The Spring Cleaning Tips That Transformed My Apartment

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For some reason, the spaces in my life seems to get immensely cluttered during the winter months. Perhaps it's because my closet is filled with bulkier clothing, or maybe it's just that having a lot of stuff around me helps to keep out the chill. Whatever the reason, when spring arrives it is always an absolute mess in my apartment. This week, I took on a "5 Days of Spring Cleaning" challenge. Each day of the work-week was dedicated to a different physical space in my life (from my kitchen to my bathroom to my desk at work).
It's important to point out that spring cleaning doesn't need to be purely physical. I recently tried 5 Days of Self Care, which had a completely different emphasis, but also left me feeling refreshed. This week, however, I wanted to focus this on cleaning up my physical space.
Check out my video to see how I went about clearing out each of the rooms in my apartment. And if you're looking to use the all-natural, non-toxic cleaner I used, this 3-ingredient recipe is from Trash Is For Tossers:
1. Fill a glass spray bottle halfway with water.
2. Fill the rest of the way with distilled white vinegar.
3. Add in 15-20 drops of essential oil for scent.

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Five Days Of Spring Cleaning With Lucie FinkReleased on April 13, 2018