This L.A. Makeup Trend Is Going To Be Huge — Here's How To Pull It Off

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Falling somewhere between the simple, pretty wearability of the floating crease and the too-extra-to-function glitter-boobs phenomenon on the hierarchy of Instagram trends, yellow eyeshadow is a tricky look to pull off — but that hasn't stopped makeup artists and red-carpet regulars alike from making it work in the real world, even when the camera lens is reversed and the VSCO filter is gone. Suddenly, the unusual hue is everywhere, and it looks damn good on stars like Yara Shahidi and Margot Robbie.
But how can the average person without a skilled MUA on speed-dial master the trend? We enlisted celebrity-favorite makeup artists Emily Cheng, Pati Dubroff, and Nicole Chew to share their secrets to nailing the look, and their best tips for helping us try it at home. Ahead, the expert-approved tricks for rocking yellow eyeshadow without looking jaundiced...
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Trick: Find Your Perfect Shade

The first task to tackle when rocking yellow on your lids is finding the right shade to complement your skin tone — because it makes a huge difference. Chew says that experimenting can be fun, but an unflattering pastel can ruin an entire look fast. Dubroff adds that fair skin tones should stick to the more muted hues, whereas medium and deep tones can go for brighter yellows with warm undertones, like Rita Ora's look created by Kathy Jeung.
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Trick: When In Doubt, Grab Some Gold

When in doubt, pick up a gold shadow. Cheng agrees that it might not be the most daring shade in the bunch, but it'll help you test drive the trend without going overboard. For Lupita Nyong'o, makeup artist Nick Barose focused a satin hue on the inner corners to create a brightening effect on top of the sunshine-inspired lid.
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Trick: Layer Colors & Textures As Much As You Can

When Dubroff created this stunning look for Robbie, she made sure to layer shade textures to achieve the gradient effect. First, she smoothed a matte cream color on the lid, then topped it off with a powder to really make the yellow pop and make the look last. To get that yellow ombré right, Dubroff buffed warmer caramel tones across the crease and extended them all the way up to the brow bone.
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Trick: Use Eyeliner In A Pinch

But how wearable is a look like Robbie's for the day-to-day? That's up to you. But Cheng says there's a subtler way to wear the trend to work without looking like you belong at an Oscars after-party: Skip the shadow altogether, like she did for Shahidi's minimalist look. Instead, Cheng opted for a thin liquid liner to create the yellow cat-eye. Adding a black gel along the lash line can make the yellow stand out even more, and add definition without layering on the mascara.
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Trick: Always Keep Your Base Basic

So, you mastered the shadow — now what? Dubroff says to leave the rest of your look dewy and nearly bare. The eyeshadow does all the heavy lifting, so keep your base minimal and your blush subtle, and skip the bronzer entirely. Dubroff didn't work with Zendaya on this look, but her subtly contoured effect pairs perfectly with the bold yellow.
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