Your Guide To The Bright-Eyed & Bushy Tailed Cast Of On My Block

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If Netflix is one giant, gaudy high school, then On My Block is its freshman class. Released on March 16, the coming-0f-age dramedy follows a clique of high schoolers as they clamber over early teenage struggles like getting your own room, dressing for the school dance, and finding the right place to masturbate. The show is complex, but it's also not — much like adolescence itself. And, like much of Netflix's original content, the show is cast impeccably. Fresh from the world of the Normals, the young actors in On My Block are exuberant, adorable, and brutally talented. Diego Tinoco, who plays Cesar on the show, told Refinery29 at a press event for the show that before being cast, he worked as a Postmates courier. Others, like Jessica Marie Garcia, who plays Jasmine, have more credits to their name.
On My Block feels personal, though, for both the viewers and the actors themselves. The show is Freaks and Geeks minus the Apatowian whiteness — it should be an iconoclast, but Netflix's deluge of content, it runs the risk of being buried under the Next Next Big Thing. The On My Block cast is working overtime to sell the show on Twitter. (One cast member has been tweeting at Chance The Rapper, begging him to watch it.) Ideally, On My Block will be the catapult that makes the cast — most of whom hover around age 20 — the next class of Netflix talent.
Ahead, meet the cast members — and their corresponding characters — of the Netflix series On My Block.
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Monse (Sierra Capri)

At the beginning of the series, Monse is the lead girl in the group, the default voice of reason among a trio of boys. She's an aspiring writer, and she isn't in contact with her mother, who left her father when Monse was very young.

Sierra Capri, who plays Monse, is new around these parts, which is to say, this is her first listed role on Imdb. When she got the role, Capri was enrolled in school at Armstrong State University in Savannah. Capri revealed to Vanity Fair that she had to move to Los Angeles for filming, and that she plans on resuming her college career eventually. (She told her mother she'd get her degree before becoming an actor.)
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Cesar (Diego Tinoco)

"Cesar. We need to save him," Monse says in the closing shot of the On My Block pilot. This is the central tenet of the On My Block plot: Save Cesar at all costs. Born into Los Santos, a California gang, Cesar begins the series as a reluctant new member of the crew. Even worse, he's bragging about having slept with Monse, the only girl in his friend group. Cesar's inner and outer conflict about his family ties is the show's primary obstacle. The friends plot to relieve Cesar of his Santos duties. Their plans work, inch by inch, until they suddenly absolutely don't. Meanwhile, Cesar fosters a relationship with commitment phobe Monse.

An appearance in an episode of Teen Wolf in 2011 aside, Diego Tinoco is an utter newbie, an initiate into the world of TV stardom.

"I'm a Latino, you know? I'm not six feet tall. I don't have blonde hair and blue eyes," he told AfterBuzz TV at the On My Block premiere. "I'm proud to represent a Latino on a Latino show."
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Jamal (Brett Gray)

If we're comparing the OMB gang to Stranger Things — the junior class of the Netflix high school metaphor we're going with here — then Jamal is Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo). While the other characters work to conceal their fears, Jamal wears his openly, fretting about the potential dangers of high school. He's supposed to be a football star. He's also frightened to death of football, which means he spends the season lying to his parents about his role on the football team. Jamal's character stands apart from the rest in part because he has a goal other than "save Cesar." Jamal wants to find a mythologized pile of money stolen from Roller World, an erstwhile roller rink. As the season progresses, this obsession draws him away from the gang and towards a slightly more fantastical story.

Brett Gray hails from the world of musical theater — you might spot him in the pilot of Rise, the NBC show about high school musicals. (No, not that show.) Last summer, he appeared in the world premiere of Andrew Lippa's new musical Man in the Ceiling at the Bay Street Theater. Not to mention, he starred in Gabourey Sidibe's directorial debut The Tale of 4, which was produced in part by Refinery29.
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Ruby (Jason Genao)

Ruby, whose full name is Ruben, desperately wants to be debonair. He is the one most invested in being a cool high schooler. Things that are important to Ruby: having his own room, girls, grades, and girls. The show establishes early on that he's a math whiz — he does everyone's taxes, apparently, and he has sorority-level planning skills. Later, when Olivia (Ronni Hawk) enters his life, he earns a new obsession: Olivia! He plots to play the "long game" with Olivia, treating her like a princess until she eventually falls in love with him.

Jason Genao has two very important pre-OMB credits. He appeared in the 2017 film Logan as well as the late (but great) Netflix Original The Get Down.
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia)

Consider Jasmine the comic addendum to On My Block's main crowd. She's chatty, obnoxious, and way more empathetic than the main characters give her credit for. A purveyor of pitch-perfect one-liners — "Pop them titties!" — Jasmine's braggadocio throws the petty concerns of the main four characters into harsh relief. In the pilot episode, Jasmine chases Monse, Ruby, and Jamal down the street, eager to join them for high school orientation. The group is cold to Jasmine, just enough to make you question their sweetness. (Every high schooler, no matter how put-upon, comes with their own brand of cruelty.) Almost through sheer force, though, Jasmine shimmies her way into the gang.

Compared to the other cast members, Jessica Marie Garcia is a television veteran. She starred in the short-lived 2010 series Huge as Sierra. She's also a comedy veteran — she appeared in the Verizon Go90 series Betch, a female-focussed web sketch show not unlike IFC's The Birthday Boys. Not to mention, she's starred in Disney Channel's Liv & Maddie as Willow, a Disney-fied version of Jasmine.

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