Kanye West, Greeting Card Connoisseur

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Today is Valentine's Day so just about everyone is trying their hand at creating custom greeting cards for loved ones. Refinery29 is. Call Me By Your Name is. Even Kanye West is.
Yes, the ever elusive 'Ye has entered the building to reintroduce himself as The Best Greeting Card Maker of All-Time.
Or, something like that.
West shared a peek at his homemade, black-and-white, no frills Valentine's Day card to his "babe," his wife, and his one true love: Kim Kardashian West.
Aesthetically, the card is very Yeezy Season 6 in its simplicity. It screams Mr.West, but not so much Mrs. West, in true Kanye fashion. As of February 14, this is the sole image on the rapper's Instagram feed, which boasts 2.5 million followers. The page previously had some architectural content, which had followers speculating that the rapper-designer-innovator was branching into home design, but now it appears he has pivoted to being greeting card creator extraordinaire. A modern-day calligrapher.

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In return Kim, selflessly devoted an entire entry on KKW.com to her and Kanye's love. In a series of eleven photos, Kim documents an afternoon where the two parents spent some quality time together in form-fitting neutrals.
As sweet as these messages are, I really think this was a missed opportunity for some high quality content. Kanye could have used some lyrics from Kim's favorite songs. Personally, I would have appreciated if he captioned the card, "Bound to fall in love... Uh-huh, honey."
Or, if they really wanted to go for it, the couple could have taken a page from friends Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's book and performed an impromptu duet.
West also started sharing images of famous Hollywood couples from yesteryear. First, he shared an image of Sean Penn and Madonna, who dated for four years in the '80's, with the remarkably descriptive caption: "Madonna & Sean." Next up he shared a pic of Barack and Michelle Obama, followed by a grainy one of Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere. His latest is a photo of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.
Kanye West just loves love, ok?

Kate Moss & Johnny Depp

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