Yara Shahidi Always Wears These 5 Trends

Yara Shahidi is just turning 18, but she's already accomplished what many of us set out to do in a lifetime. She's an influential activist, an award-winning actress with her own successful TV spin-off, and she's got her sights set on Harvard next year.
In the last few years, Shahidi has also made her mark as a bonafide fashion and beauty star. In fact, we'd be hard-pressed to find a Refinery29 style or trend roundup that didn't include her. Shahidi's bold hair and makeup looks haven't gone unnoticed, but despite her love for experimentation, she's does have a few techniques she always falls back on.
Ahead, we've put our beauty sleuthing to good use, rounding up five trends Shahidi always wears so you can copy them ASAP.