The Year In Strangely Trending Selfies

If you don't take a selfie, did 2017 even happen?
The answer is actually yes, but the millennial mantra holds strong nonetheless. This year's top trending selfies, according to Google, fell into some interesting categories: There were the strange animal selfies, the bathroom body positivity selfies, the celebrity selfies and, well, the Al Sharpton selfies — which truly are in a league of their own.
Ahead, count down the most popular selfies with a look back at the faces — and backgrounds — that made a mark in searches this year.
Although portrait mode selfies, which are just hitting their stride with the release of the feature on iPhone X and Google's Pixel 2, have yet to trend, you can bet they'll appear more in 2018.
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10. Duck-face selfie

Heather Land's hilarious take on duck face selfies — filmed using her go-to Snapchat filter — was a welcome comedic break in early November.
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9. Ellen selfie

Every Oscar season is a time of remembrance for the most star-powered selfie ever shot: The Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie of 2014. Meryl. J-Law. Julia. Bradley. Unfortunately, now in retrospect, Kevin Spacey snuck in there, too.
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8. Phil Mickelson selfie

If Ellen holds the title for the most star-powered selfie, Mickelson captured the most presidential one. The pro golfer made headlines in September, when he got Clinton, Bush, and Obama together for one epic photo. Just a few old friends, pallin' around on the green.
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Another day at the office 😛♥️

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7. Heidi Klum selfie

Supermodel Klum, 44, shared a topless, fishnet stockinged photo on Instagram with the ultimate cheeky caption.
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6. Selfie rat

There are, strangely enough, two rat selfies that people could be Googling.

In 2015, a rat climbed on a sleeping man, someone unlocked his phone, and, according to the bystander who produced the photo, took a selfie. Hence, the selfie rat was born. It's since been revealed that a mysterious artist who calls herself Zardulu was behind the scenario. But for whatever reason, the rat's selfie continues to captivate Google searches.

This past January, that viral selfie of a girl's messy room got even more terrifying when some users identified what they believed to be a rat in the background. It's like Where's Waldo, except you really don't want to find this Waldo.
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5. Kaia Gerber selfie

Cindy Crawford's 15-year-old daughter faced backlash from commenters for a bathroom selfie that many claimed was overly provocative for her age.
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Getting ready for tomorrow's solar eclipse #eclipse. Does anybody know totality time?

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4. Eclipse selfie

A lot of other 2017 events have eclipsed the once-in-a-lifetime astronomical spectacle, but for a few hours this August, it brought people across the country together. Selfies were a must, though proper photo-taking precautions were key.
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Posting a picture of myself in a bathing suit is VERY hard for me. I have never been one to show off too much skin, and it's not just because I'm a larger woman. After this amazing #Wrestlemania weekend I had a chance to speak to a bunch of young women & men. Most, if not all of them, mentioned that my #BodyPositive mindset had helped them to be able to find confidence within themselves, which really touched me and even brought me to tears numerous times. Thankfully I have always had a family that has supported me and has always reminded me that my beauty comes from within, especially my mother. She constantly reminded me that "no matter how beautiful you are on the outside, if you're insides are ugly, that will be what everyone sees & feels." Don't get me wrong, there have been many occasions where I wished I could be thinner or have a different nose or hairline to fit in, but I realized that fitting in is not always as important as it seems; I realized that I love standing out in positive ways! • I love sending a message of self-confidence and getting to share that with people. Self-confidence also goes along with being healthy! I work out all the time, I eat healthy & try (emphasis on TRY) to get as much sleep as I can. There are obviously times where I love to pig out and enjoy myself, but I always make sure to never lose my focus on being healthy, because no matter what, your health is the number one most important thing in life. We aren't meant to look the same, but we are all meant to be healthy. We are all beautiful in different ways. Staying healthy adds to beauty. Even more importantly, it will increase your self-confidence. That's been my experience at least 😉. #JaxJungle #NotLikeMost #PowerOfBeingYou

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3. Nia Jax selfie

WWE superstar Nia Jax made headlines when she posted a powerful, body positive message on Instagram following Wrestlemania. Read it now if you haven't already.
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Don't let others set the bar for you, set your own bar in life. Morning thoughts before pre dawn workout 12/11/17.

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2. Al Sharpton selfie

Why was 62-year-old Al Sharpton suddenly so into selfies this year? It isn't entirely clear. But he doesn't think people should be jealous of his workout regime.
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1. Monkey selfie

In 2011, Naruto, a macaque in Indonesia, snapped a selfie using photographer David Slater's camera. What resulted was an unprecedented issue of ownership: Did the photo belong to Naruto or Slater? The lawsuit that followed ended this September, with a settlement between Slater and PETA that many deemed as a victory for animal rights activists.

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