This Flight Deal Will Get You To Europe For $400

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Eagle-eyed travelers may be accustomed to seeing low prices, but those deals often come with a limited number of departure options. Not this time: Condé Nast Traveler reports that 94 U.S. cities have flights to Europe for $400 to $500.
Combing through Scott's Cheap Flights, the travel magazine found that the deal is good for trips through winter and spring, minus the usual suspects. Thanksgiving, the winter holidays, and New Years are a no-go for anyone looking for a deal. Other than that, any dates between now and May 2018 are fair game.
Now that dates are out of the way, it's time to get down to the dirty work.
Because good prices don't come with a little bit of grunt work, travelers will have to play around with dates and destinations to get the best ticket prices. Major U.S. airports will have the most options, but smaller airports can get in on the action, too. It'll just involve a connection or two. CNT adds that for once, the deal is on full-service airlines, so there's no fear of additional fees for checked bags or any of the usual budget-carrier runaround. Destinations include major Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, and Venice, as well as French cities like Paris and Bordeaux. Amsterdam and Dublin are on the list, too.
Some of the more popular trips could include a stopover, but having 15 hours to kill in London or Madrid doesn't have to be a bad thing. CNT notes that a long stop like that gives intrepid travelers a chance to see a few sights if they're willing to head out of the airport during the stopover. Scott's Cheap Flights warns that the low prices probably won't last longer than a day, so anyone wanting to get away this winter or spring should act now and think about the minutiae – like rail connections and hotels – later. Plus, having alternate plans is a good thing. With a reliable rail system, getting from one city to another is no sweat, especially when airfare is so low.
CNT's easy plan goes like this: Check out Google Flights, de-select Wow Air and Norwegian since they're low-cost carriers, and choose a few cities, not just one specific destination. After landing on a good deal, purchase tickets right from the site and the hardest part is done. Bon voyage!
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