It's October 3 — Time To Start Planning Your Mean Girls Halloween Costume

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It was 13 years ago today that Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was. Ever since, October 3 has become the unofficial holiday for Mean Girls fans everywhere — with people celebrating with memes, fetch puns, and tributes to iconic quotes from the film via Twitter. Another way to show your appreciation, though, would be to use this moment to prep for your Halloween reveal.
The Plastics were the zeitgeist group of peak 2000s beauty. Besides the Burn Book, the group of frenemies left behind some of the most memorable looks of the decade: glossy lips, kohl liner that covers the circumference of the entire eye, and overplucked eyebrows. (If you disagree, you'll have the upcoming Broadway show to prove you wrong.) With that in mind, why not use the Mean Girls cast as inspiration for your costume?
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Thankfully, there's a real Halloween scene in Mean Girls you can borrow inspiration from. And while it's the most mortifying part in the whole movie, it's the one costume most people won't feel required to ask, What are you supposed to be? (An ex-wife... duh).

What you'll need: A messy black wig (don't brush it — you're supposed to be the undead), smudged red lipstick, and fake teeth that appear as though you've missed your last 10 dentist appointments.
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There are plenty of memorable Regina George looks to choose from — the cut-out white tank being our favorite. But it's nearly impossible to forget about her flower crown and ethereal makeup she wore to the North Shore Spring Fling. After getting hit by a bus, George is required to wear a back brace, so naturally, her mother (the original Momager) adorns the accessory with petals to match her pink dress.

The look itself is fairly simple. All you need is a blonde wig and layers upon layers of lip gloss (preferably of the pink persuasion).
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Janis Ian, the underdog of the entire film, has a beauty look that often goes overlooked. It's a little goth — a contrast to most trends in the early 2000s — with a heavy emphasis on the black eyeliner. While the removal process will require several makeup towelettes, it's one of the easiest to conquer.

Our only suggestion? Stock up on the hair gel to get Ian's sleek and shiny — not to mention kind of dirty — look.
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Ah, the "Jingle Bell Rock" sequence. The makeup look here is easy — but stage-friendly — so you want your glowing skin to stand out from a mile away. Since this was a decade before highlighter burst onto the scene, don't overdo it with your best Champagne Pop combo. Instead, opt for an illuminating primer and a bold red lip to match your Santa Clause hat.
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