Meet The New Ms. Frizzle On The Magic School Bus Reboot

Photo: Public Broadcasting Service/Photofest
The Magic School Bus will ride again — but there will be a different Ms. Frizzle behind the wheel.
The first trailer for the Magic School Bus Netflix reboot has dropped, and it features the former Ms. Frizzle handing over the keys to the new teacher in charge. Yep: it turns out that Ms. Frizzle's sister is now leading the pack.
As we've known for months now, Kate McKinnon will voice Ms. Frizzle. However, the new trailer reveals that she's actually playing Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle. The brand-new educator is introduced to the class by the OG Ms. Frizzle, originally voiced by Grace and Frankie star Lily Tomlin.
In the new trailer, the kids are pretty surprised by the appearance of both redheaded teachers. The end of the trailer reveals why: This time around, Tomlin will voice Professor Frizzle, suggesting that the teacher went collegiate. Of course, no matter what university was blessed with the OG Frizz's presence, it's nice to see her passing the torch — or, rather, the keys to the bus — to the next generation.
"The bus is magic. The science is real," tweeted Netflix in the caption for The Magic School Bus Rides Again's new trailer.
It's not just the Frizz who's new. Netflix also teased that someone extra special is singing the theme song this time around.
"Extra credit if you recognize who's singing the theme song," tweeted the account.
Any ideas? Okay — it's Lin Manuel-Miranda. The Hamilton star tweeted his excitement after the trailer dropped.
"Hey Lin Magic School Bus is coming back do you want to sing th-YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES."
Clearly, there's a lot to be excited about in this reboot, from the kids getting baked into a pie to riding down rivers of lava to the new Ms. Frizzle figuring out all the fun tricks the Magic School Bus can do. Fortunately, we'll get to see all of them when the series drops on Netflix September 22.

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