Luxe Flights To Greece Just Got Super-Affordable

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Anyone with vacation days piled up at this point in the year could probably use a getaway. And if you're one of the people who dream about flying on Emirates, an airline known for less-than-approachable fares, things are about to get good. Really good.
A new deal from the carrier is letting travelers jet to Greece for less than $450 and it gets even better if you're going with a pal.
Emirates announced today that it'll be holding a special airfare sale that's designed for a quick couples getaway. A package of two economy class tickets rings in at $799 flying out of Newark Liberty International, the only hub that's offering these new getaway fares. The only destination is Athens International, so anyone who gets overwhelmed by choice or fiddling with Google's Travel tool may want to jump in on this no-nonsense journey ASAP. Available dates are from September 17 through December 18, 2017; December 25 through March 30, 2018; and April 9 through May 15, 2018, with a few blackout dates sprinkled throughout.
The special low fares are available now through August 17, so travelers don't have much time to mull this one over. Economy class isn't the only one with the price cut, either. Anyone feeling particularly flush can opt to get companion or single traveler fares for business and first class, too, with prices ranging from $9,000 for two first class tickets to $2,899 for a single business class seat.
Wherever you sit on the plane, the flights will include Emirates' signature top-tier amenities, which include comfortable (for an airplane, at least) seats and an entertainment package that features over 2,500 channels.
So go ahead and send that email to HR, because cheap flights on Emirates don't come around often enough.
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