We Played The Internet Slang Game With YouTube Star Liza Koshy

No one would argue that the Internet isn't an overwhelmingly strange place. Whether it's Instagram's obsession with condoms-as-beauty-blenders or the reluctant phenomenon of "Cheetos Milk," we've definitely been struggling to keep up. Not to mention the speed with which online language can change with just a click, leaving us seriously "shook." Luckily, R29 staffer Lucie Fink and YouTube sensation Liza Koshy are delivering a crash-course in those mysterious Twitter-approved phrases, thanks to their round of the Internet Slang Game. Check out their full investigation of these truly inscrutable words below — spoiler: things get extra.
Even if you hadn't heard of "gassed," beat," or "woat" (and, as you can see, we weren't sure either), you've probably already seen Koshy navigate the hilarious struggles of adulthood, like living alone, road rage, and saving money, on her viral YouTube channel. And after that shrug-inducing round of the Internet Slang Game, we're pretty sure we'll be sticking with her irresistible experiments with handless baking and personal waxing—yeah, we're basically "stans."

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