Your Favorite Highlighter Just Got Even More Out-Of-This-World

You can safely separate every highlighter worth its salt into one of two categories: the kind that gives you a dewy, natural-looking radiance, like you’ve been working up a very flattering sweat in all the right places, and the kind that the Na’vi might use if they opened up a Sephora on Pandora. (If humans do end up depleting the earth’s natural resources in the next hundred years or so, just like Avatar foretold, we better hope we find a hospitable planet that also allows for plenty of beauty retail opportunities.)
But if you want the best of both worlds, a formula that bridges the gap between a pretty glow and a space-alien vibe depending on your mood and application method, Milk Makeup’s Holographic Stick is where it’s at. A creamy highlighter that glides on smoothly and leaves more of a sheen than a sparkle on skin, the Holographic Stick is both utterly wearable and just the right amount of out-of-this-world.
Photo: Courtesy of Milk Makeup.
That’s exactly why it’s built up such a huge cult following since its official launch back in May — and why the cool, cutting-edge brand has decided to follow up the success of its instantly iconic product with a pressed-powder version that packs even more intergalactic pigment than the original. The Holographic Highlighting Powder comes in the same two shades you know and love: Supernova, an icy lavender, and Mars, a warm golden peach that’s a little more subdued than its purple-toned counterpart.
That said, if you’re familiar with the original stick formulations, then you’ll know that Supernova is surprisingly versatile for being, well, a lilac highlighter. Swept onto skin with a fluffy brush, both shades leave behind a diffused glow that will satisfy even the most highlighter-shy among us.
Load up the powder with a makeup sponge, though, and you’ll get high-impact iridescent color that will blow you away. Watch out: It’s a Big Bang — not a whisper.
Milk Makeup Holographic Highlighting Powder, $30, available at Milk Makeup.
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