You Can Travel To Antarctica Before It Melts Completely

Photo: David Schultz/Getty Images.
Antarctica is falling apart. Since a huge chunk of ice fell off earlier this week, anyone planning on making the trek to the icy continent better act quickly.
Thankfully, Travel + Leisure reports that White Desert, a luxury adventure company based in Cape Town, South Africa, is offering private jet service, small group tours, and the chance to chill with emperor penguins all for the low price of $200,000 (though there are more accessible packages starting at $32,000).
Anyone balking a the price tag should consider the luxury amenities — think of it as deep-freeze glamping — and the fact that Prince Harry, Buzz Aldrin, and Bear Grylls have all partaken in White Desert's excursions. T+L explains that the company only works with small groups, so no trip to Antarctica ever has more than 12 people. After taking off, the private plane crosses the ocean and lands on an ice-blue runway, dropping travelers off at a location that's bathed in sunlight 24 hours a day.
Antarctic travelers can choose between four packages. The Ice and Mountains package, which is the lowest-priced at $32K per person, is a four-day excursion that offers up exploratory trails for those strapped for time. Anyone looking for the input of a pro can book the $89,000 package, which comes with NASA astronaut Terry Virts. That trip includes a special screening of Virts' IMAX film, A Beautiful Planet.
The penguins come into play with the $78,000 Emperors and South Pole trip, which lets budding explorers in on a penguin colony with over 6,000 specimens — hatchlings included — and a visit to the American post at the Geographic South Pole.
As for that $200,000 trip, it's a completely private one-day getaway. All the packages include meals, luxury accommodations, and the payment of a Carbon Tax, which White Desert uses to offset the trips' emissions, since it's a "zero-impact" company.
White Desert is taking reservations for the upcoming season, which starts in November, and the 2018-19 season, so anyone looking for the trip of a lifetime still has a few months to save up.
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