This Is The Most Cringeworthy Proposal Rejection We've Ever Seen

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In any serious relationship, the only phrase more anxiety-ridden than uttering “I do” at the altar is mustering the courage to ask your beloved, “Will you marry me?” Not to mention, while both parties deal with the former, only one person deals with the sweat-inducing angst of the latter. How unfair is that?
Well if you ask one recently heartbroken guy, this tradition is very unfair. In a video posted on Instagram, the jilted gentleman planned out an epic proposal at a Columbia Fireflies baseball game on Monday night.
The mood seemed right: The night was clear and the fellow even had a few pals do a surprise rendition of Bruno Mars’ Marry You, complete with a performance using baseball bats as props. The performers feverishly wiggled their hips and held up signs all in coordination to the sounds of Mars’ catchy vocals. It was all going so smoothly, or so we thought.
While the audience melted, someone in the stands panned the stadium with a camera, searching for the patron making the proposal. She then found him, kneeling while holding a ring in front of a woman who was not having it. You can see her shaking her head “no” from side to side, before angrily grabbing her handbag and making a hasty exit. Yikes.
And so we have been reminded that a bended-knee marriage proposal isn’t for the weak. Nor is saying, "no" to such situations.
Despite the video cutting off, the user noted in the comments section that the night wasn’t a complete loss. Stadium officials took pity on the guy's failed proposal. “She left and he was escorted to upgraded seats with a couple of free beers from the fans around him,” she said.
Watch it to the very end below.

So this just happened!! Watch to the end

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