This Guy's "Engagement Pics" Show Just How Mindlessly We Use Facebook

In all likelihood, you've done this at some point (or do it on the regular): Open your Facebook app, mindlessly scroll through your friends' posts, and "like" anything that remotely looks like a cute baby, cute puppy, engagement or pregnancy announcement, or political view that makes you go, Well, DUH. I couldn't have said it better myself.
Of course you don't want to look rude by not "liking" it when a friend — or even a friend of a friend of a friend — gets engaged. It's a pretty big deal, if you haven't heard.
Well, according to Elite Daily, a guy in Atlanta named Zach Lamplugh decided to troll us all by posting an unconventional series of "engagement photos."
First, he put a ring on it with his friend Somaly.
"We finally made it official!!!" he wrote in the caption, and the post has 578 likes and 96 comments so far. A whole bunch of people wrote "Congratulations!!" messages.
A little later, he posted this photo with his friend Sopheak.
You can see Somaly crying hysterically in the background. He captioned this one:
"Wow! I couldn't believe the overwhelming support I received online for getting engaged! So many of you liked my post that I went ahead and got engaged a second time! Thank you everyone for all your encouragement!"
Then came a happy-couple photo with his friend Stephanie.
"Wow everyone! Thanks to your love and support online I was able to get engaged for a third time! So excited for our future together!!!"
Then, he proposed to pretty much every single member of his crew. Somaly kept on sinking into the depths of despair.
Maybe he just has a lot of love to go around? Either way, he fooled a lot of his Facebook friends — though by the end, we're pretty sure everyone was in on the joke. The subtle shade he's throwing at recently engaged couples who plaster their happy selfies all over social media does not go unnoticed. Bravo, Zach, you made us all think and laugh.
In the aftermath of these pics going viral, Zach — who, as we're sure he'd love for you to know, makes funny videos and does a monthly showcase called Ladie's Night — also posted this (clearly fake) letter to him from Saturday Night Live's Lorne Michaels.
Actually, it doesn't sound so improbable. We wouldn't be surprised to see this story on Weekend Update.

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