These Bachelorette Podcasts Will Help You Analyze All The Monday Night Drama

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When the two hours of The Bachelorette come to a close every Monday, you may find yourself wanting more of the stuff. But alas! There's only so many times you can rewatch the latest episode on Hulu. When the well of Bachelor Nation television content runs dry, turn to the land of listening, i.e. podcasts!
In 2018, podcasts are compulsory accessories to any hot television show. Just ask Westworld, Gilmore Girls, or Game of Thrones. Bachelor Nation is uniquely suited for podcast assessment, however. The show's sports-like mentality begets sport-like commentary. The same way you listen to a post-game breakdown on ESPN, you listen to a post-Bachelorette breakdown on a podcast app.
As such, there are Bachelor podcasts in abundance. Some are purely comedic, while others make sure to investigate the feminist themes of every show. You might even catch a glimpse (or more than a few glimpses) of former contestants on certain shows. No matter your podcast palate, fear not: There's so much more content out there to get you from rose ceremony to the next.
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Rose Buds: the Most Dramatic Podcast Ever

Hosts Eddie and Lynn Ravert keep a rotating cast of Bachelor regulars on call for their recaps. Mostly recently, Christon Staples (the former Harlem Globetrotter who dunked over Becca in the premiere episode) joined them to talk over the "Men Tell All." Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk join frequently, as does LA Times journalist Amy Kaufman.
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2 Black Girls, One Rose: A Bachelor Podcast

The opening intro to Two Black Girls, One Rose describes it as a podcast where "two Black-ass girls invade the whitest show on Earth." Hosts Natasha and Justine — occasionally accompanied by Bachelor faves like Seinne Fleming, who recently joined to discuss The Bachelorette — dissect the show step by step, naming their faves and exposing the frauds. (The podcast's Twitter account recently mocked Colton Underwood for being a hypocrite. Underwood replied, saying, "Block me." Fraud.)
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Bachelor Party

Juliet Litman, head of production for The Ringer, explores the show with weekly guests, usually some Bachelor-adjacent professional. The more interesting episodes include Bachelor veterans like Nick Viall or Rachel Lindsay. (She's had Bekah Martinez on twice, both times digging up fascinating dirt.) Litman is a great, easygoing interviewer, luring her guests into actual, real discussions about the franchise. Some episodes are recaps; others are just interviews. Some are purely focussed on Jersey Shore. Come to Bachelor Party for the interviews, not the recaps.
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Will You Accept This Rose?

What the Nerdist network podcast lacks in coherence, it makes up for in humor. Veteran comedians Arden Myrin (Chelsea Lately) and Erin Foley (Conan) give lively commentary on the show. They are joined by various fellow comedians such as Lauren Lapkus (Orange Is The New Black) and Fortune Feimster (The Mindy Project) and, on special occasions, members of Bachelor Nation themselves. There isn't much of a method to the WYATR madness, but that's partially the joy of the show. Come to Will You Accept This Rose for the lengthy digressions, the cackling laughter, and the occasional mention of "muddy anal."

The downside? WYATR usually doesn't post their episodes until the Wednesday (or even the Thurdsay) after the episode.
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Here to Make Friends

Here to Make Friends, hosted by two Huffington Post editors, is a structured affair. Claire Fallon and Emma Gray break down the episode moment by moment, ending with a complex ranking of the episodes various "feminism fails." Gray and Fallon regularly host members of Bachelor Nation on the show as well as other journalists. Prior to the premiere of season 13 of The Bachelorette, the hosts sat down with Bachelor favorites Olivia Caridi and Alexis Waters for a talk at AOL Build.
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The Ben & Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast

Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti are Bachelor royalty — Higgins was the Bachelor himself in 2016, and Ashley Iaconetti has been on two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise. In 2018, they both went on Bachelor Winter Games. Their new podcast isn't specifically about The Bachelorette, per se, but both hosts watch the show, and the topic inevitably finds its way to Rachel Lindsay, and the events of the last episode. As a bonus, the show is riddled with dirt on former contestants and Bachelor Nation drama.
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Fresh Batch with Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins, a longtime internet and Twitter hero, recently launched a podcast about the Bachelor franchise. Once upon a time, Collins hosted After Paradise, a Bachelor after show, with former Bachelor Sean Lowe. She's a tried-and-true Bachelor fan, replete with memories of seasons all the way back to Emily Maynard's and Jake Pavelka. Though new to the Bachelor podcast world, Fresh Batch is a welcome member — it's funny, lively, and a detailed breakdown of the best show on television.
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Afterbuzz TV's Bachelorette After Show

Afterbuzz TV is exactly as it sounds: It's an immediate after-the-fact rundown on the show. The episode is posted mere hours after The Bachelorette ends, so it's a reliable option for your Tuesday morning commute. Hosts Kristina Zias, Sterling Cates, Renee Ariel, and Christine Alexis give a giddy hour-long rundown. The show does the best at recreating your actual Bachelorette rundown — it's as if you're still sitting on your couch, picking at limp chips and salsa, discussing the events of the episode.

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