The Best TV Podcasts For Those Of Us Who Can’t Get Enough Of Our Favorite Shows

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO
When you’re a true fan of a TV series, like I am about HGTV’s Fixer Upper, you dread the end of an episode and the inevitable seven-day waiting period before the next one. Unless a show like Maury is your jam, in which case you typically only have wait about 24 hours. The end of season binge feels more like the beginning of a stay in Litchfield. You want more, more, MORE!
Luckily we have podcasts that let us stay in our favorite fictional worlds for a little while longer. I’ve rounded up some of the best TV podcasts to help you with your withdrawals. Unfortunately for me there is no Fixer Upper podcast. Maury fans, you’re out of luck, too.

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