These Bachelorette Podcasts Will Help You Analyze All The Monday Night Drama

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
When the two hours of The Bachelorette come to a close every Monday, you may find yourself wanting more of the stuff. But alas! There's only so many times you can rewatch the latest episode on Hulu. When the well of Bachelor Nation television content runs dry, turn to the land of listening, i.e. podcasts!
In 2018, podcasts are compulsory accessories to any hot television show. Just ask Westworld, Gilmore Girls, or Game of Thrones. Bachelor Nation is uniquely suited for podcast assessment, however. The show's sports-like mentality begets sport-like commentary. The same way you listen to a post-game breakdown on ESPN, you listen to a post-Bachelorette breakdown on a podcast app.
As such, there are Bachelor podcasts in abundance. Some are purely comedic, while others make sure to investigate the feminist themes of every show. You might even catch a glimpse (or more than a few glimpses) of former contestants on certain shows. No matter your podcast palate, fear not: There's so much more content out there to get you from rose ceremony to the next.
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