Trader Joe's Valentine's Day Treats Are GOOD

Valentine's Day is nearly here and that means one major thing: TJ's treats are ripe for the pickin'. Whether limited-edition or year round, Trader Joe's is always on point with its smorgasbord of sweets. These pink, red, and chocolate-covered goods are just waiting to be scooped up for V-Day gifting and snacking galore. And regardless of what your February 14th plans may or may not be, there's never a bad time to crush a four-pack of buttercream cupcakes. I am currently planning a festive spread for me, myself, and I.
We've rounded up a select 13 of the most heartfelt, sugary-sweet treats. Click on for cupcakes, cookies, chocolate-covered err-things, and even a salty surprise. Certain product availability depends upon location, so it may pay off to just pop by your nearest location and check out the selection for yourself. See you there, Valentines.
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Chocolate Cupcakes With Buttercream Frosting
TJ's has outdone themselves with these chocolate cupcakes — pink buttercream frosting AND gluten free?! Our hearts are full.
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Mini Sugar Hearts
We're already planning on dunking these sugar-sprinkled heart cookies into a rich cup of hot chocolate (and coffee the morning after).
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Mini Heart Cookies
Mini heart cookies have stolen our hearts — because dark chocolate and shortbread are a dangerous duo.
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Chocolate Coconut Cream Cupcakes
Topped with a chocolate covered almond to boot — we'll be consuming these coconut beauties whole and washing them down with a full-bodied glass of red.
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Lightly Smoked Sardines In Olive Oil
Surprise! TJ's keeping us on our toes with this V-Day edition can of lightly-smoked sardines — hey, not all treats have to be sweet.
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Sweetheart Bark
Got a sweetheart? Gift them with the finest of sweetheart bark. Or just keep it for yourself (we won't tell).
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Pink & Whites
Pink and white cookies are a sweet V-Day colored treat — we recommend spreading a little peanut butter in between and going to town.
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Dark Chocolate-Covered Pomegranate Seeds
Sprinkle a handful of dark choco-covered pom seeds over a bowl of your favorite ice cream for a sumptuous sundae.
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Dark Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows
Although you can pick up these fluffy treats year-round, there's no better time to buy in than on Valentine's Day.
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A Dozen Macarons
Consume or gift with a chilled bottle of bubbly.
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Dark Chocolate-Covered Cherries
Like Katy Perry's "You're hot and you're cold," TJ's chocolate-covered cherries are sweet and then tart — we'll be gifting these to someone who makes us feel similarly.
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Vanilla Meringues
Let these fluffy vanilla meringues treat you oh-so-sweetly on February 14th.
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Cocoa Dusted Truffles With Toffee Bits
Say it best with TJ's cocoa-dusted truffles; by not saying anything at all and letting the toffee do the talking.
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