What Married Life Is Really Like For Mary-Kate Olsen

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Gone are the days of scrunchies, an impish thumbs-up delivered in concert with a precocious catchphrase, and matching detective's trenches with twin sister Ashley. Mary-Kate Olsen is now Madame Sarkozy, a renowned fashion designer, tastemaker, and equestrian who just celebrated her first wedding anniversary.

The former child star wed French banker Olivier Sarkozy on November 27, 2015, making her the sister-in-law to the former president of France — Nicolas Sarkozy is her husband's half-brother — and stepmother to two children. Since then, she's turned 30, snubbed repeated offers to join the Fuller House cast, inspired a magazine, and launched a range of candles. Oh, and she and Ashley shared their first-ever selfie. It's been a big year.

But what is life really like Chez Tanner Olsen-Sarkozy? Are there heated debates about French politics over plates of Brie and cornichons? Are they secretly Netflix-and-chilling Fuller House before bed? Have Julien and Margot Sarkozy been subjected to every Dualstar production yet?

Let's investigate.
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Double Dates With Ashley
Sarkozy and Mary-Kate served as chaperones/wing men for Ashley's November 9 date with Richard Sachs at the Knicks vs. Nets game. Does the AARP have a dating app we don't know about?

Pictured: Richards Sachs and Ashley Olsen, Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen cuddle up.
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Fancy Parties
The newlyweds partied with design guru John Birch and the twin sis at Sotheby's Celebrating: 20 Years of Design and Single-Owner Sale in May. This is how rich people shop, y'all.

Pictured: The Olsens with Sarkozy and Birch.

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Art Appreciation
Michelle Tanner has graduated from finger painting to highbrow gallery talks, art auctions, and exhibition openings with her main man.

Pictured: The happy couple with Adriana Friedman and Anthony DeLorenzo in May.
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It'll take more than a marriage certificate to break up this dynamic duo. The Olsens continue to run The Row and Elizabeth and James to great success.

Pictured: Mary-Kate (left) with Ashley at the 2016 Met Gala.
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Equestrian Excursions
Art auctions get boring after a while. That's when MK breaks out the jodhpurs and hops on her horse. The designer competed in the Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton in September, with a doting Sarkozy playing cheerleader.

Pictured: The couple in October 2015.
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You don't marry a Frenchman with major political ties and expect to stay at home. You also don't marry an Olsen twin and expect to mooch around the airport in sweats.

Pictured: Olsen and Sarkozy at LAX in April 2016.
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Hamptons Hobnobbing
Summer is all about color-coordinating one's outfits and hitting up private dinners, darling.

Pictured: Olsen and Sarkozy posed with David Kratz of the New York Academy of Art and a friend at a Sag Harbor art event in July.
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Ciggy Breaks
We'd expect nothing less from a bride who decorated her wedding with bowls of cigarettes.

Pictured: Olsen gets a nicotine fix in December 2015.
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