Every Blogger At Fashion Week Wore This $59 Skirt

Photo: Courtesy of Mango.
If, like us, you spent Fashion Week scrolling through street style slideshows, you likely spotted a solid number of bloggers, editors, and influencers wearing a semi-short, patent-leather skirt with an asymmetrical hem. And if you, like us, are well-versed on designer goods (hey, it's a skill we should all be proud of), you definitely thought these shiny minis were made by Isabel Marant. Though they look uncanny to the French designer's Anders skirt (which is currently available at MatchesFashion for $530), we learned that they were actually from...wait for it...Mango — and cost less than $60.

Now, we're no fans of copycat products. But the two major differences that cause this version to stand on its own (rather than act as a knockoff) are the exact reasons we love it: 1. It has a lot less sheen, which means it feels a little more daytime-appropriate than party-ready; and 2. It features an oversized silver buckle, rather than a knot of fabric. Plus, after seeing it dominate the streets of New York and Paris (and subsequently, our Instagram feeds), we realized this is one of the most versatile fall staples we've seen in a while.

Whether styled with a tee and bomber or an oversized sweater and booties, this patent number has all the makings of an #OOTD winner. Click on to see eight different ways to wear the skirt. If you're as obsessed as we are, you can buy your own, here.
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Photo via @_schwarzersamt.
Tuck in a classic knit for one of the easiest fall looks in the book.
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Photo via @alyssainthecity.
Dress the patent leather down with a graphic tee.
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Photo via @annawellberg.
Because black on black will never do you wrong.
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Photo via @blackivory.
For some subtle contrast, give gingham a go.
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Photo via @galagonzalez.
Try the half-tuck (or quarter-tuck, rather).
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Photo via @gildaambrosio.
Play up the asymmetrical hem with some sleeve interest.
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Photo via @lisavrd.
For style risk-takers, pile on tons of accessories.
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Keep it simple with a white shirt and flats. Easy as that.

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