Many, Many People Care About Old Navy's $1 Flip-Flop Sale (That's Happening Tomorrow)

Photo: Courtesy of Old Navy.
Brace yourselves: Old Navy's annual $1 flip-flop sale is back for just one day. If you're not familiar with the annual sale (perfect for stocking up on the beach-going essential), here's how it works: Once a year, Old Navy marks down its solid-colored flip-flops in stores and online from about $4 to just one buck per pair. The cheap-sandal extravaganza is going down tomorrow, Saturday, June 25. Old Navy's brick-and-mortar doors will open at 7 a.m. — a full two hours earlier than normal — for the occasion. Before you start calculating exactly how many plastic-thong sandals you can fit in your car (or bag, for those traveling on foot), there is a cap for how many flip-flops you can walk away with. The limit is 10 pairs per customer.

If you don't think dollar flip-flops are a compelling enough reason to shop — well, lots of people clearly do, judging by the scene at any Old Navy store on the day of the sale. "Customers start asking about the date as early as February," Julie Luker, director of PR and partnerships at Gap Inc. and Old Navy, told Refinery29. Guess that's when people start dreaming about open-toe season, perhaps spurred by mid-winter beach vacations (or having wanderlust for warmer temps, at least).

The one-day-only event began in 2005. It's evolved quite a lot over the past decade, including some high-tech spins on the shopping concept. In 2014, for instance, Old Navy introduced a vending machine that dispensed flip flops in response to tweets, Ad Age reported. The same year, the retailer's then-CMO, Ivan Wicksteed, told Forbes that the event was Old Navy's second-biggest shopping event of the year, after Black Friday.

While the brand won't release exact sale numbers, in previous years, Old Navy has estimated that it's sold enough flip flops to walk the length of California, according to Luker. The anticipation is tangible: A quick search on Twitter shows inquiring minds asking about — and preparing for — this year's flip-flop sale for months. Last year, people started lining up way before opening on the day of the sale, getting worked up over summery footwear (and, of course, tweeting about it), per USA Today.

So, tomorrow, if you are indeed in the market for a new pair of flippy-floppies (or just happen to find a loose dollar in your bag and thought, Why not?), plan to head to Old Navy on the very early side. Or, simply stick to online shopping. Who knows — this controversial shoe could be on the cusp of being an actual trend...okay, maybe, but probably not.

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