This Magical Invention Will Make The Middle Seat On A Plane Tolerable (Really!)

There's nothing quite like the sinking realization that you'll be sitting in the middle seat on a cross-country flight, stuffed for hours between two people. Luckily, some designers have heard your desperate pleas and created the magical "Side-Slip" seat.
This newfangled middle seat would be set slightly back, giving the lucky middle seater extra leg room, two more inches of width, and two dedicated armrests. Even the aisle and window seat passengers would benefit from the innovative new middle seat design. (Because the seat design allows for faster and easier boarding — and disembarking — by making the aisles much wider and easier to navigate.)

Unfortunately, there are no plans to take the Molon Labe Designs creation from dream to reality — yet. If ever there was a time for a Kickstarter, it's now. After all, if we can fund the Potato Salad, we can fund an easier flight. Watch the video above to get a better sense of how it works and then cross your fingers that this actually happens. (Money)

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