NYC Is Living The SATC Fleet Week Dream Right Now

It's a great time to be alive in New York City. Is it because of the Broadway shows, you ask? Nope. The fancy restaurants? Nah. What about all the dapper, uniformed U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard men and women flooding the streets this very moment? YASSS!

It's Fleet Week, aka the one week each year active military ships (who are normally deployed overseas) dock in port for community service, sight-seeing, and some good 'ol fashioned American fun. 

Like the Sex and the City episode "Anchors Away" come to life, thousands of sailors are just waiting to meet you. Yes, you. If Instagram is any indication, they're happy to take #SelfiesWithaSailor, and are all for you stealing their hats during photo ops.

Don't live in the area? You can still get in on the fun straight ahead.
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This crowd is "Partying like it's 1945" at Johnny Utah's. We especially love the hashtag, #flirtinginthenameoffreedom.
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God Bless America, indeed.
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Is it still a #selfiewithasailor when there are actually six of them?
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Even Vanessa Hudgens is in on the action. She captioned this snap, "I'd say my first #FleetWeek was a success. The U.S. Coast Guard came to see @gigionbroadway last night and somehow this happened. Hahahha"
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Photo: Instagram/ariteman
Subway culture #onfleet.
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"#FoxAndFriends treated us right this morning!"
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Hello, boys!
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Please don't let Fleet Week ever end.
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We can't get enough of #selfiewithasailor!
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Brunch, Bloody's and sailors? Living the dream.
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