The 9 Best Apps Every Londoner NEEDS

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You probably thought that by now you'd have a clone, or, at the very least, a robot apprentice to help you shoulder the burden of some of your pesky responsibilities. As it stands, you seem to have neither — but, aha! You do have a smartphone. 

The right apps can help you to delegate some of life's dirty work and add a whole new dimension to your schedule. They can make feeding yourself easier, "me time" more possible, and even jazz up your dating life without so much as a left swipe. Goodness knows we overworked, overstimulated Londoners can use all the help we can get. 

As such, it's time to clear some space on your hardware for a few of these tech treasures. From food and fitness to love and leisure, these apps are sure to help streamline your hectic day-to-day. Click ahead and consider yourself one step closer to the robot personal assistant you've always dreamed of.

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Photo: Courtesy Ruuby.
Need to book a mani, like, right this second? This beauty concierge and bookings app helps you find the spa services you want done ASAP, sometime tomorrow, or further down the road. The clincher? You can pay for your services directly through the app.
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Save yourself time, money, and calories by ordering a healthy but flavour-packed meal from among Pronto's four carefully curated options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The pared-down menu options keep things simple, and the lack of delivery minimums or fees keeps things cheap. Mum would be proud.
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Never be bored again thanks to this up-to-the-minute roundup of London nightlife, entertainment, and hidden gems.
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Tinder, schminder. Ladies have all the power with this dating app: Men can only get in touch if a woman makes the first move. Without the headache of fending off sketchy advances, there's no excuse not to be bold.
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Photo: Courtesy Wakie.
Are you guilty of hitting the snooze button way too many times? (We are.) Upgrade to Wakie, in which fellow users help you rise and shine with a personal wake-up call. It's like a social alarm clock, with someone new on the line every morning.
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Struggling to make it to the gym? Get a workout that works around your schedule by using this app to book an appointment with a personal trainer on-demand, wherever works for you.
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Photo: Courtesy Eet.
Skip the queues and use Eet to check availability at busy London restaurants and bars when you're ready to head out. Let restaurants know you're on your way (and if your plans change) right in the app. That coveted table for two will be yours in a click.
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Photo: Courtesy KweekWeek.
Staying in is for suckers. Get tipped off to the city's best events, from sushi-making classes to networking cocktails, with this handy resource of listings you won't find just anywhere.
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Photo: Courtesy British Street Food.
British Street Food
With this app, street-food enthusiasts can rate, photograph, and locate the city's best empanadas, falafels, sausages, and more. Foodie adventure, anyone?
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