The 9 Best Apps Every Londoner NEEDS

Photo: Courtesy Ruuby.
You probably thought that by now you'd have a clone, or, at the very least, a robot apprentice to help you shoulder the burden of some of your pesky responsibilities. As it stands, you seem to have neither — but, aha! You do have a smartphone. 

The right apps can help you to delegate some of life's dirty work and add a whole new dimension to your schedule. They can make feeding yourself easier, "me time" more possible, and even jazz up your dating life without so much as a left swipe. Goodness knows we overworked, overstimulated Londoners can use all the help we can get. 

As such, it's time to clear some space on your hardware for a few of these tech treasures. From food and fitness to love and leisure, these apps are sure to help streamline your hectic day-to-day. Click ahead and consider yourself one step closer to the robot personal assistant you've always dreamed of.

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