Sunglasses Designed To Literally Be Unloseable

It's a silent scream, a blinding sort of panic that fills you with self-hatred, regret, and alarm. You left your favorite sunglasses…somewhere. Unlike your phone that you can track, or your wallet that a hopefully friendly stranger will return to you, your sunglasses are about as good at finding their way back to you as a grape is back to the vineyard. You're not alone: 1 in 2 people lose sunglasses within a year of buying them.
But what if your sunglasses could get in contact with you? New brand Tzukuri is currently taking pre-orders for a line of sunglasses with the world's smallest Bluetooth inside that'll alert you if your glasses stray too far away from your phone. And, that doesn't mean needing to keep track of another charger: The battery gets juiced up with solar power. Of course, you'll be able to customize the settings so you won't receive notifications if you're not wearing the glasses, if you're at work or home, or if you just decide to live recklessly on the edge and see how far you can walk away from them for fun. In 2015, the app will allow you to do way more with the glasses, from operating certain power switches (imagine your glasses being able to automatically turn off the lights as you leave the house), telling you how much sun you've received, or if your friends are close by.
The specs cost a steep $349 a pair, but think about how many hundreds of dollars you've lost through the years in the form of misplaced glasses, and that number might not seem as high. And, if you pre-order now, they'll only be $249, which is around the same price as those Karen Walker tortoiseshells I left on a bus this summer. In other words? Worth it.

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