WATCH: Selena Gomez Grows Way Up In Spring Breakers Trailer

If you've been counting down the days until certain young starlets break free from the world of tween movies, Disney, and the like, consider the wait over. Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Korine star in the upcoming Spring Breakers alongside James Franco and Gucci Mane (how's that for a crazy cast list?), and it's a decidedly grown-up film.
Take it from Franco's character Alien: "Bikinis and big booties, y'all! That's what life is about." That, and armed robbery with a heavy dose of hard partying, also happen to be the subject of this film directed by Harmony Korine. If you've seen any of his previous work, you know this will be a far cry from party-happy classics like American Pie, and more along the lines of Thirteen meets Grand Theft Auto. Do you have the stomach for it? Or are you spending your spring break in the PG section of the theater? (Huffington Post)
Image/Video via The Huffington Post.

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