Girls Costume Designer Joins Aerie, Helps Tell A Story With Underwear

As the costume designer for HBO's Girls, Jenn Rogien is no stranger to styling some of the most interesting set of characters — down to every last intimate detail. And while Rogien has been able to seamlessly translate the personal style of four Brooklyn-dwelling 20-somethings for TV, now her talents have been tapped for a different kind of, um, up-close-and-personal project. As reported on WWD, Rogien will be the new fit-and-style expert for undie label, Aerie.
While the line of underwear, PJs, and sweats aren't exactly in partnership with the series' beloved characters, with the Girls costume whiz on hand, the American Eagle sister line may be able to tap into the same audience that the TV show has already captivated — real girls, like us. But what does underwear have to do with that? Well, a lot, according to Rogien: Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh's personal choice of bras or sleep tops "have helped me tell the stories of real girls, pretty girls, fun girls." We get that. After all, we're pretty passionate about our choice in underwear, too.
In her newly appointed position, Rogien will participate in fit sessions with the Aerie line, videos, and in-store appearances, and naturally, we suspect we'll be seeing plenty more of the collection once the series kicks off again on January 13. Or in 11 days. Not that we're counting or anything. (WWD)

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