15 Winter Options For Girls Who Don't Like Wearing Boots

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think warm shoes? Boots, duh! But even though they're the obvious choice, some people just aren't into the style — and we can't blame them. For those who live in sneakers all winter, prefer something more ladylike, or just aren't down with the shape, finding winter footwear can be an annoying feet feat.

To help make the process a little less laborious, we've found shoes made out of heat-trapping materials that are made for winter months. Of course, some are designed for warmer weather than others (and others will fall apart in the snow — but winter doesn't mean snow and ice for everyone), but you'll find everything you need when you click on through.

Make Your Winter Boots Last Forever — Or At Least All Winter
What To Wear With Your New Winter Boots
30 Snow Boots To Buy NOW Before The Polar Vortex Arrives
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These shearling-lined sneaks are also weather-proof!
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A basic shape with some non-basic embellishment.
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Almost like wearing your house slippers outdoors, but way more chic.
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This will pair perfectly with your long gray coat.
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Stock up and stomp up in velvet this winter. These would look great with a thick sock, too.
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Go the extra mile in these faux pony-hair steppers.
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Trade in the tweed jacket for a pair of tweed sneakers.
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We love a deep, navy velvet.
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Yeah — these are sandals. But if you're living somewhere with a balmy climate and still want to feel wintry (Miamians, we're looking at you), these are a chic option.
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Mixed-media shoes for every mixed-weather report.
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A pair of velvet trainers that are as posh as they're sporty.
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Every other slip-on will pale in comparison.
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A high-top loafer is the perfect upgrade for fall.
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It's sweater-weather season. Why not get your feet involved?
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Strap in your feet and some shearling.
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