How To Wear Your Winter Boots For A Night Out

Think it's difficult to feel dressed up in snow boots? That sounds like a challenge to us, so we're tackling the seasonal footwear's alleged sartorial limitations lug soles first. If you can lose the mindset that a night out requires some sort of fancy heels or embellished d'orsay flats, you're on your way. Gravitating toward the practical end of your shoe wardrobe is a lot more logical — if only slightly trickier when it comes to the rest of your outfit.

Rather than resigning yourself to your everyday casual boots outfit, find creative ways to look your best. Better yet, let us do the thinking for you. Here, we've married all-weather boots with glittery dresses, graphic miniskirts, denim overalls, and more without a hitch. The resulting four outfits are reason enough to come out of hibernation this weekend.

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