Tasty Turkey Tattoos On Discount For Thanksgiving

Lil' admission here: Some of your hardworking staff members at R29 are all inked up. That's right, we've got a few gals with sleeves here and, for them, we're happy to point out this post about discount Turkey Day tattoos from Brokelyn. Ms. Sara Antoinette Martin of Brooklyn Tattoo is offering $40 ink jobs for her appropriately festive designs, including corn, fallen leaves, a cute, little Native American girl, and, most importantly, a proud, noble "Amnesty Turkey." Personally, would like to see a sweet-potato-casserole-with-marshmallow tat, as well, but with holiday pricing like this, we're not going to get picky. So, hurry up and get one before you sit down with the fam, and you'll have something other than your dating life to talk about. (Brokelyn)

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