9 Denim Brands You Need To Know Now

We're not here to act like denim is some new thing — quite the opposite, actually. But the fact that it's been a wardrobe staple for so many decades is exactly the reason why we're constantly looking for something new out of the denim world. We're all probably more well-versed in jeans than we are any other item, which is why we expect a lot out of it. And even though the easier route may be to just stick with what we know, that's never the path we want to take.
And so, it's never a bad time to get introduced to a few new labels breaking into the space. Whether they're doing something visually groundbreaking, revolutionizing fits, or making production more sustainable, we're always down to welcome emerging denim brands to the scene (and into our closets). As tough as it may be for us to loosen the grip on our Levi's, we're confident one of these newcomers might just become a favorite. And isn't it time to graduate to some grown-up jeans anyway? Click ahead to get to know a few brands we're watching.

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