What To Wear When You're Tripping Balls In The Desert

It's the eternal question: What do you wear for a substance-fueled religious experience in the Southern California desert? Moisture-wicking fabric is key, obviously, and you definitely want to be able to move around easily. Bright colors don't hurt, either. The answer is simple: activewear.

Jokes aside (kind of), designer Mara Hoffman may have just cracked the code with her latest fashion video, which features actress Juliette Lewis in the designer's foray into activewear, dropping today. She even enlisted Ryan Heffington to choreograph and direct the clip (he's the man behind Sia’s "Chandelier" and Arcade Fire’s "We Exist" videos). Hoffman's inspo? A birthing of one's greater self.

We're definitely fans, although we'll probably just wear these pieces to Spin class...


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