Yes, You Can Wear Sandals In Winter

Let's just get one thing straight: The only footwear anyone should be wearing during the #BombCyclone2018 is a snow boot. But on other less disastrous days in the winter season, you can still get away with wearing your sandals and other sorta-open-footed, non-boot shoe varieties. In fact, some silhouettes just beg for a sock; because not only do they keep your toes toasty and protected against winter winds, but they also add dimension to your look, and give your sandals a totally different feel from their summertime vibes..
We get that the fashion industry has been trying to push the whole shoe-sock styling trick for forever now, but we also know there's still a few of you out there who have considered dipping your toes in and just don't know how to go about it. So now, it's time to finally master these winter shoe-sock pairings once and for all. If anything, this means your cold-weather shoe wardrobe is now twice as big — and what's not to like about that?
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Pair The Sandal...
Yes, the most summery sandal you own is fair game.
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With The Glitter Sock
Because glitter socks are a wardrobe essential at this point.
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Pair The Strappy Heel...
It may be sexy alone, but it's even sexier with a sock.
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With The Embellished Sock
Double the fun.
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Pair The Mule...
A going-out shoe that won't kill your feet.
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With The Tulle Sock
Now it's a party.
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Pair The Ballet Flat...
Who says a flat can't be fancy?
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With The Sheer Sock
You can't go wrong with a subtle statement.
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Pair The Platform...
One of our favorite shoe silhouettes to pair with a sock.
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With The Ribbed Sock
The ribbed material dresses down the platform velvet in all the right ways.
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Pair The Court Shoe...
Your office-ready heel deserves some sock love, too.
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With The Patterned Sock
Solid shoe, striped sock. Works every time.
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Pair The Sneaker...
Ankle socks aren't the only option, you know.
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With The Logo Sock
Because logo-mania goes hand-in-hand with a pair of trendy kicks.
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Pair The Slide...
The heel of your foot doesn't want to be freezing, either.
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With The Cashmere Sock
These should make the whole situation a bit cozier.
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